Advice of Works - June 2024

Published on Wednesday, 29 May 2024 at 10:00:00 AM



Final finishing works for the 700m of path constructed will be completed in early June. A new all-ability ramp to the gabion river crossing is stage 2 of this project, with works anticipated to be undertaken in the summer of 2024/25.



Drainage improvement works are continuing with an anticipated completion date of mid-June.



Road upgrade works on a section of Southampton Rd, at the intersection with Spring Gully Rd, will be completed early June.



Winter Grading will commence in June, starting with roads in the Balingup area.



Replacement works for Bridge 3275 on Upper Capel Rd (near Claymore Road Intersection) are ongoing. A road closure at the Upper Capel Rd Bridge is currently in place and will be extended until the end of June 2024, due to delays in materials arriving from the eastern states. The Shire appreciates the inconvenience that this may cause some users, and asks that you please contact the Shire should you want to discuss further. 

View the full notice + detour plans here



Programmed Autumn / Winter Street sweeping of our townsites will be continuing throughout June, to cater for increased leaf litter. The Urban Canopy Tree Greening planting program will also commence mid to late June. Further details on this program are available on our website.

    Learn more about the Urban Street Tree Program


    Hours of operation are typically between 7:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Works will be clearly signed, and we request tat you exercise due care when travelling near or through the designated areas. Delays are expected to be minimal. 

    Should you have any enquiries or require further information, please contact the Shire Works & Services Department during Office Hours (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:00pm). Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry online:

    Contact Us

    - Dr Garry Hunt PSM, Chief Executive Officer

    Unrestricted Burning Period (until 31 October).

    Following an extension to the Restricted Burning Period (to 10 May 2024), the Shire would like to extend its thanks to the community for the support, understanding, and cooperation during this time. If you would like to know more about the Unrestricted Burning Period, you can visit the page below or contact your Local Fire Control Officer (FCO).

    Fire & Emergency Management


    Other Key Resources:

    Here are some resources that you can use to stay safe:

    DFES Publications 

    Property Preparation Checklist 

    Bushfire Survival Plan – Leaving for a safer place 

    Bushfire Survival Plan – Planning to actively defend 

    Bushfire – Homeowners Survival Manual 

    Bushfire – Bushfire Ready Groups 

    Winter Burning Guide 

    DMIRS - Building for Better Protection in a Bushfire Area

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