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Building in the Shire

Our Building Services Department is responsible for the assessment and approval of building works within the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup under the Building Act 2011. Under this Act, a building permit is required before commencement of most building work, and in many cases the builder obtains the permit.

Formal approval may be required for any building work involving the development of new structures, alterations or extensions and changes in ground levels. These include:

  • Residential Dwellings/Granny Flats/Additions & Alterations
  • Sheds/Gardens/Workshops
  • Patios/Verandahs/Gazebos/Pergolas
  • Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Retaining Walls
  • Commercial Buildings including fit outs and refurbishments
  • Industrial Buildings

If the total value of work exceeds $20,000 a permit can only be issued to a registered builder or a registered owner builder (unless it is exempt). 

Do I need to be a registered builder?


Please refer to the Building FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page linked above to check what you need to know prior to submitting a building application.

Please note that some minor exemptions may apply, and you can find more information on the following links to assist you further with your building applications for swimming pools and barrier fencing, stormwater, water tanks, retaining walls, fences, smoke alarms, and demolitions. To learn more, visit the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regualtion and Safety website linked below.



Lodging a Building Permit Application

The Shire receives building applications electronically, which is an option available for all of our customers and residents.

Prior to lodging your application, please make sure you:

  1. Have filled out the application checklist
  2. Have looked online at the FAQs
  3. Have collated all the required documents

If you have completed all of the above, it is time to submit your application. Although you may submit your application in person or by post, all applications are assessed electronically, and all approvals are sent out via email. An electronic copy will be recorded by the Shire, all in accordance with section 130 of the Building Act 2011.


In Person:

You can lodge your application through reception at the Shire Administration Office on 1 Bentley Street, Donnybrook (Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm).


By Post:

You may send application to us by post - please address it to PO Box 94, Donnybrook, WA 6239.



Paying for a Building Application

Please be advised that fees will not be taken with the building application. We conduct a preliminary assessment of the building application to ensure all processes are in place prior to payment.

Payments can be made by:

  • Completing a Credit Card Authorisation form with your application,
  • Over the phone verbally with your credit card details, or
  • In person at the Shire of Donnybrook Administration Office

The minimum building permit fees for estimated value of works under $20,000 is $171.65. For current fees for estimated value of works over $20,000, please refer to the documents linked below.

Annual Budgets and Fees & Charges