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ADM/CP-1-Records Management Policies > Administration
ASS/CP-1-Infrastructure Asset Management Policies > Assets
COMD/CP-1-Community Grants Funding Scheme Policies > Community Development
COMD/CP-3-Community Engagement Framework Policies > Community Development
COMD/CP-4-Community Townscape Activities Policies > Community Development
COMD/CP-5-Tourism in Donnybrook Balingup Policies > Community Development
EM/CP-1-Council Member Induction, Training and Professional Development Policies > Elected Member
EM/CP-2-Live Streaming and Recording of Council Meetings Policies > Elected Member
EM/CP-3-Legal Representation for Elected Members and Employees Policies > Elected Member
EM/CP-4-Honorary Freeman Shire of Donnybrook Balingup Policies > Elected Member
EM/CP-5-Elected Members Allowances and Entitlements Policies > Elected Member
EM/CP-6-Caretaker Policies > Elected Member
EMERG/CP-1-Fireworks Event Policies > Emergency Services
EMERG/CP-2-Permits for Road Verge Burning Policies > Emergency Services
EXE/CP-1-Commercial Lease Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-2 - Document Execution and Application of Common Seal Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-4- Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-5- Attendance at Events and Functions Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-6 -Organisational Risk Management Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-7- Work Health and Safety Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-8- Policy Framework Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-9- Communication and Social Media Policies > Executive
EXE/CP-11 - Property Management Policies > Executive
FIN/CP-2-Investments Policies > Finance
FIN/CP-3- Debt Policies > Finance
FIN/CP-4-Purchasing Policies > Finance
FIN/CP-5 Regional Price Preference Policies > Finance
FIN/CP-7-Credit Card Policies > Finance
FIN/CP-8-Building Insurance Policies > Finance
FIN/CP-9-Related Party Disclosure Policies > Finance
HR/CP-2-Gratuity Policy Policies > Human Resources
HR/CP-3-Employee Recreation Center Subsidy Policies > Human Resources
HR/CP-4-Temporary Employment or Appointment of CEO Policies > Human Resources
WRKS/CP-1-Land Resumption Compensation Policies > Works
WRKS/CP-2-Rural Verge Management Policies > Works
WRKS/CP-3-Urban Verge Management Policies > Works
WRKS/CP-4-Road Use Approval for Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) on Councils Road Network Policies > Works