Introducing the VC Mitchell Park Project, where we are focused on building a Community Club for the benefit of the Shire locals!


This project has been proudly brought to you by the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup with the following funding partners and sponsors:
Read the Community Information Package, shared in March 2023, which contains an overview of the project's history, present status, and future steps:
VC Mitchell Park Project - Community Information Package
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Read the Stakeholder Engagement Plan for the Project Consultation Group (PCG), shared in April 2023. The PCG is made up from key users of the intended facility. They are also essential in the development of this project, and are a communication bridge between the key community groups and the Shire project staff.

VC Mitchell Park Donnybrook - Stakeholder Engagement Plan


Here are various updates and additional informational resources we are releasing along the project's timeline:


On 19 February 2024, we published a media statement about how the construction was well under way, featuring progress photos and milestone updates. Read the full media statement here:

Shire Media Release - 19 February 2024  

In January 2024, the following report was provided by Perkins Builders. Please note that commercial information has been removed, however no other information has been adjusted. 

Perkins Builders - January 2024 Update (VCMP)  

On 12 October 2023, we published a media statement about how we intend on rolling out future updates on the project, as well as notifying the community about the site possession on 9 October, and scheduling of construction for 16 October. Read the full media statement here:

Shire Media Release - 12 October 2023  

On 23 August 2023, we published a media statement about $3 million funding provided to the Shire from Talison Lithium via their Community Investment Program (CIP). Read the full media statements from both organisations here:

Shire Media Release - 23 August 2023 Talison Media Release - 23 August 2023 

On 15 June 2023, we published a media statement about progressing from Hold Point 2 to Hold Point 3. Alongside this, we've prepared a general update on the Design Development of the buildings, both of which you can see here.

VC Mitchell Park Donnybrook - Detail Design Report

Information Session - Summary Notes on Detail Design Report

On 8 June 2023, we shared our stakeholder management plan, which introduces our Project Consultation Group (PCG) made up from key users of the intended facility. They are also essential in the development of this project, and are a communication bridge between the key community groups and the Shire project staff.

VC Mitchell Park Donnybrook - Stakeholder Engagement Plan

On Wednesday 19 April 2023, the following Desktop Peer Review was released. This document was prepared by Ronnie Hurst of RCH Consulting, providing a list of recommendations for the progression of the VC Mitchell Park Project.

VC Mitchell Park Donnybrook - Desktop Peer Review (RCH Consulting)

On Thursday 9 March 2023, the following Schematic Design Report was released. This document provides insight into redevelopment plans for the VC Mitchell Park Project. Prior to moving forward with the project, the Commissioner will formally consider the Schematic Design Report at an upcoming Ordinary Council (Commissioner) Meeting.

VC Mitchell Park Donnybrook - Community Club - Schematic Design Report


If you have any questions that you can't find the answers for here, reach out to the Shire so that we can assist you! You can use our Contact Us form or email at any time, or call us on (08)9780 4200 during our Administration Office open hours (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:00pm). 


What happens to the sports clubs during construction?

Each group that is affected by the construction phase are to make their own interim arrangements, however the Shire is working with each group individually and as a whole to provide as much support as possible, where possible.

This includes electricity access at various locations, arrangements for storage assistance at the Recreation Centre, and so on.

What is affecting the costings of the project?

There are multiple factors that have impacted the costings of the VCMP Project. The largest contributing issue is the high cost escalation and availability of labour and materials impacting the building industry, and is the primary issue impacting on the project price and scope.

The Project Contractor, Perkins Builders, has kept this in high consideration when going out to market. As shared in previous communications, the project has not exceeded the allocated budget. It was exceeding the target budget in June 2023, however this variance was reduced to less than $3,000 by value engineering and conversion of provisional sums to fixed prices. That in turn has reduced cost risk. In receiving funding from Talison Lithium as a part of their Community Investment Program (CIP), the Shire has been able to add supporting infrastructure works (among other critical project elements) to the timeline, and reduce various cost risks.

Is the project just for the sports clubs? Who else will use the facilities?

Whilst the sport clubs are one of the key user groups of the facility, there are many other members, clubs and organisations that are (and will) reside in the precinct.

Our key users, who are in our Project Consultation Group, include representatives from local sporting groups (Tennis, Football, and Hockey). We are also starting discussions with the Netball and Basketball clubs, and are regularly consulting with local community members and businesses for advice, feedback, and input on the project.

If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact the Shire directly so that we may assist you. You can use our Contact Us form or email at any time, or call us on (08)9780 4200 during our Administration Office open hours (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:00pm). 

Image (adults from left to right) - Zac Trigwell, Felicity Graham, Kim Sands, Jason Jarvis, and local Hockey & Football Club youth representatives.

Where is the money and funding coming from? What about the ratepayers?

As at August 2023, funding sources can be broken down as follows:

  • Department of Local Government, Sporting and Cultural Industries (DLGSCI) - $6 million
  • Talison Lithium (Community Investment Program - CIP) - $3 million
  • WA Treasury Loan (Shire) - $2.9 million
  • Shire Funding - $600k (does not involve rates payments)
  • Western Australian Football Commission (WAFC) - $200k
  • Donnybrook Football Club (with WAFC) - $160k

What will the project give the community?

In a very broad overview, this project will turn the VC Mitchell Park area into a Community Club for everyone to access. The final results will provide:

  • Function spaces for community members to host events (family occasions, weddings, etc.), organisations to hold meetings (large and small scale performances, networking events, etc.), businesses to host corporate functions (conferences, meetings, presentations, etc.) and more with high-speed NBN available.
  • Abled and disabled pedestrian access to all locations in the VCMP precinct (from the Recreation Centre to the Vin Farley/Tractor Park) with lighting for safety.
  • Environmental support and landscaping for the entire site, including access to pre-existing sewerage and overland flood route drainage upgrades.
  • New car park and access roads, which will include disabled parking and access ramps.
  • Playgrounds and open areas for families with children.


General key points that the PCG members and Shire staff are always considering include:

  • When looking at the layout of the building, we are considering multiple user groups accessing and using the facilities that will be available. This includes all of the sports club members, their managers and referees/umpires, equipment accessibility and storage options, and more.
  • The function rooms will have a sliding partition-style wall, which was chosen to allow for rooms to be separated and allow multiple events to run at once, or to create one large area to allow for a maximum capacity of approximately 250. There is also room to accommodate a stage if needed for concerts, ceremonies, presentations, or other function types.
  • Various pavilion reworks and upgrades, including changerooms, universal access toilets, warm-up rooms, first aid locations, pathways and connections, etc.
  • Focus on the rejuvenation of sport and recreation facilities within the Shire, with an opportunity for shared-use community facilities and events. We are also ensuring that this project delivers broader social, health and economic benefits to the local and greater community.