The Shire of Donnybrook Council Plan (2022-2032) identifies the following objective:

Objective 6.4: Provide attractive, well maintained streetscapes, verges, and tree.

6.4.2: Enable growth of the urban tree canopy by making a suitable number of trees available per annum to support a community tree planting program.

This program will allow for residents of the Shire to free access of a tree to plant on Shire verges adjoining their property, to enhance the streetscape across the Shire.

This program hopes to facilitate an improvement in the amenity of the Shire, whilst engaging with the community on the types of trees landowners prefer to have. Available trees have been selected for suitability to the landscape and the environment in line with Shire Outline Planting in Residential Blocks in the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup; Species and Descriptions to guide decision making. Only trees are available for purchase under this program, to maximise the success of improving the outcomes relating to urban canopy.  The number of trees made available under this program will depend on the availability of resources; therefore this program is generally based on a first come, first served basis.

Once resources have been fully utilised, a landowner can request to be placed on a waitlist for consideration in the following financial year. Planting is to be carried out by the Shire’s Parks and Gardens Staff between June and August on an annual basis, to improve the success rate of the tree and minimising watering requirements for landowners in the early months whilst the tree is establishing an effective root system.

You can view the full Urban Canopy Program Information and PDF copy of the Application Form below, or fill out the form on this webpage. Please ensure that you have viewed the terms and conditions found in the following form.

Application Form (PDF)

Online Form

Thank you for taking the time to submit an online application. If you have any issues, please contact the Shire Administration Office via (08) 9780 4200. Alternatively, please fill in the printable copy provided above, and forward your application to 

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