The Apple Fun Park is one of the biggest free entry playgrounds in WA - you can find it in the heart of Donnybrook!

The Apple Fun Park first opened in Easter 2008, featuring play equipment for all ages and abilities.

Situated in the heart of Donnybrook, alongside the main street in town and close to the shops, it is the ideal destination for a day of family fun. We welcome everyone to enjoy the Fun Park, but please be aware that dogs are not allowed at this location!

In 2021, the Apple Fun Park was revitalised, with the focus being for bigger, better, brighter, beautiful, and brand new play equipment and options for our visitors. Some of the key features at the Apple Fun Park include (but are not limited to):

  • 125 play activities, including 16 swings,
  • A dedicated zone for early childhood, including crawling access ramps to slides suitable for babies,
  • A sensory and nature play zone, including water play, sand play, and tuned musical elements,
  • Colourful and fun feature lighting that lights up the Park at night,
  • Integration of green spaces, including shady deciduous trees and low lying planting,
  • Shades and amenities for picnics and family lunches, 
  • Integrated accessible play features throughout the entire park space to foster inclusive play, and to provide opportunities for all ages and abilities,
  • And more - you just have to visit to experience it to the fullest!