Cemeteries are managed by the Shire’s Works & Services Department.

Some of the areas covered by our Officers (relating to cemeteries) includes:

  • Burial information
  • Cemetery records
  • Family history searches
  • Reservations for cemetery plots
  • Niche wall and memorial gardens
  • Interment of ashes
  • Plaque orders
  • Applications to erect monuments

If you would like to discuss any of the above topics or about one of the following locations, please contact the Shire.

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How many cemeteries are in the Shire, and where are they?

Donnybrook Cemetery

  • Situated south of Donnybrook in Cemetery Road (off Fleet Street).

Balingup Cemetery

  • Situated on the west side of South Western Highway, approximately 3kms north of the town.

Upper Preston Cemetery (Lowden)

  • Situated off the Lowden-Grimwade Road just south of the intersection with Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Road.

Who can undertake a burial?

Burials are usually carried out by a funeral director who will arrange every aspect of the burial service for the family and liaise with the shire of Donnybrook Balingup for burial locations, date, and time.


Do you need to hold a license to undertake a burial?

Yes. All funeral directors must hold a license issued by the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup

Can more than one person be buried in a plot?

Most graves in the Donnybrook, Balingup and Upper Preston cemetery allow for two burials within a plot.

Some sections of the Donnybrook Cemetery have limitations to one burial due to a large layer of underground rock - please contact the Shire to discuss the locations further.

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Can I reserve a plot within the cemetery?

Families wishing to secure a preferred burial site can reserve or pre-purchase a plot or Niche. A Pre-need Grant of Right of Burial will need to be purchased. The Shire can provide more information to assist you when making this decision.

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What is a Grant or Right of Burial?

Grant of Right of Burial is a tenure agreement of a stated burial plot. This document gives the grant holder (Grantee) the right to conduct burials, inter ashes and erect a monument within the burial plot. The grantee can also deny activity within the burial plot.

A Grant is issued for 25 years with the right of renewal for a further 25 years. It is important that the Grantee makes provisions in a legal document (e.g. their Will) to allow transfer of the Grant to another person to ensure their wishes will be carried out.

A Grant must be current if additional burials or ashes interments are to take place or for memorial work.

What sort of spaces are available for the interment of ashes?

The Shire offers Niche walls in all our cemeteries for the interment of ashes, and we also have a Bush Memorial available in the Donnybrook Cemetery. Ashes may also be placed within existing graves provided that the permission from the Grant of Right of Burial holder is given.

I want to know more about Monuments & Memorials

All monumental works must be approved by the Shire, with works to be carried out through a monumental mason, prior to placement in the Cemetery. Monumental Masons must hold a License issued by the Shire. An exemption for minor monumental installations may be considered where criteria has been satisfied and approved by the Shire. 

Shire staff can assist with the specification details of Memorials, placement of ashes in the Niche walls, the Donnybrook Bush Memorial, or as part of a traditional memorial.

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I want to know more about Tributes

We ask that you please use only non-breakable vases or containers, and keep tributes within your boundaries. Visitors are encouraged to remove items (such as flowers) when they are expired, faded or broken.

To maintain the integrity of the natural bush setting, floral tributes are permitted in the Donnybrook Bush Memorial and Niche Wall area. Non-compliant or unsafe articles may be removed by Shire staff.

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Who is responsible for the maintenance of graves within the cemetery?

Individual families are responsible to maintain their own graves and plots. Authorised Shire Officers will maintain the surrounding environment within the cemetery area.

Can I plant a tree or shrub within the cemetery grounds?

No trees or shrubs shall be planted on any grave except when it has been approved by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Any approved vegetation within graves will be the responsibility of the family to maintain.