Are you planning an event? The Shire encourages and supports community, industry, cultural and sporting groups to deliver their own events. Community events bring vibrancy and cultural visibility to an area, and can strengthen community bonds.

An important aspect of planning and organising events is the responsibility of the event organiser and the Local Government to ensure that the event is safe and successful.

There are certain legislative requirements that apply to events, implemented to aim towards protecting public health & safety and the environment. Local governments have a responsibility to assess events and ensure required approvals and arrangements are in place.

The process for holding an event in the Shire are as follows - we request that you also download and review the Event Management Package in conjunction with the event application, provided below as well, so that you’re aware of the various legislative requirements and other key information as an Event Organiser. We have a variety of resources, as well as our relevent applications and forms, available on the page linked below.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

What is an Event?

What is an event?

A gathering of people brought together for a common purpose by some prearrangement whether they are events of a temporary nature or events that occur regularly and whether indoor or outdoor.


Private events

Private events are by generally invitation only and are often quite small. They are generally lower risk as event organisers know who is going to attend and how to manage the risks associated with the particular people, activities, and experiences they have planned. Examples of private events are weddings, staff Christmas parties, and family get-togethers or picnics.


Public events

A public event is open to the public and includes ticketed and non-ticketed events. They are generally larger and have a higher risk as the organisers do not know the individuals attending. The Shire assists event organisers to manage the risks to the event attendees and surrounding residents. Examples of public events include school fetes, music festivals and markets.

What events require Shire approval?

Each event is different, and the specific approvals required will depend on the type of event. 

An event permit ensures that the event is held in accordance with State Legislation and the Shire's Local Laws. It also means any disruption to neighbouring residents or businesses is minimal and parties that may be impacted are notified beforehand.

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About the Application process

The following steps outline the standard Event Application process, however each event is different - if you require assistance, please contact the Shire and ask to speak with the Community Development Department.

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Step 1: Reserve your venue

To ensure your venue of choice is available, the first step is to call the Shire and ask to speak with the Community Development Department. You may tentatively reserve the venue for the event, however bookings are only confirmed once the applicable fees have been paid. 

Community Halls

Reserves, Parks & Ovals


Step 2: Submit your event application

An event application should be submitted at least twelve (12) weeks prior to your event, however, should the event be considered large or high risk, an application can be made up to twelve (12) months in advance. Incomplete applications, or an application without a detailed site map atttached, will not be accepted. For-profit or when an entry fee is levied, an event application fee of $50.00 is payable with the submission of the event application form.


Step 3: Internal processing and assessment by the Shire Administration 

Once the mandatory sections of the application have been received, they will be distributed to the relevant departments within the Shire Administration, where comments or or advice of further requirements will be provided by our Officers.


Step 4: Notice of Assessment Outcomes

When all comments have been received from the relevant departments, a conditional approval letter is sent to the event organiser outlining the required permits and/or documents required to be submitted to the Shire, and the deadlines for those submissions. An invoice will be sent to the event organiser including all fees and charges required to assess the event and issue permits.


Step 5: Meet Event Conditions

Please ensure you have read all sections of the abovementioned event conditions letter, and address any requirements as outlined. This may include providing extra information, advising local community of road closures, and so on. You must also ensure any invoice you have been sent is paid in full prior to the due date.

For larger events, a stakeholder meeting may be requested by the Shire prior to the event.


Step 6: Conduct your event

Conduct the event. If it is a large event, a post event meeting may be requested by the Shire.

Other useful resources for Event Organisers

The following resources contain information about WA Electrical Requirements (WAER) and the safe use of LP gas at public venues in WA:

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More about the safe use of LP gas


Water Corporation has information on water for community events.

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