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Our Planning Framework

The Shire utilises a Local Planning Strategy and a Local Planning Scheme No. 7 (LPS7) to set the strategic vision and direction of future land use, planning, and development within the district. The Strategy sets the broad parameters over a 15-year timeframe, and lays out the rationale for zonings within the Shire.

The Scheme sets the statutory framework for the way land is to be used and developed within the local government area. LPS7 also includes a range of Scheme Maps that identify zonings that guide the appropriate types of land use and development on land.

If you would like to know more about our Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme No. 7, please view our Local Planning Strategy & Scheme.

Our Local Planning Strategy & Scheme

Planning Fees & Charges (2023-2024)


About State Planning Frameworks

All planning and development within WA is subject to the state planning framework as set by the Planning and Development Act 2005 (P&D Act), and the Planning and Development Regulations 2009 (P&D Regulations).

www.legislation.wa.gov.au - P&D Act 2005 

www.legislation.wa.gov.au - P&D Regulations 2009

www.wa.gov.au - P&D (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is a board established under the P&D Act, and has a state-wide responsibility for urban, rural, and regional integrated strategic and statutory land use, planning, and development. The WAPC operates with the support of the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) who provides professional and technical expertise, administrative services, and corporate resources to assist with its decision making. Some WAPC functions, such as decisions on subdivisions and development applications, are delegated to the DPLH.

Under the P&D Act, each local government prepares and administers their own local Planning frameworks, specifically their Local Planning Strategy and Scheme, as approved by the WAPC.


State & Local Planning Policies

Within the State Planning Framework there are a number of State Planning Policies (SPPs) that apply to all planning and development proposals within WA. Some of the more common SPPs that are particularly relevant to our Shire include (but are not limited to):

  • SPP 2.4 – Planning for Basic Raw Materials
  • SPP 2.5 – Rural Planning
  • SPP 3.7 – Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas
  • SPP 7.3 – Residential Design Codes
  • Government Sewerage Policy

To view a full list of the State Planning Policies, please visit the State Government's website linked below:

www.wa.gov.au (Document Collections)


Alongside the SPPs, the Shire has various Local Planning Policies (LPPs) that outline the development standards and provisions used by the Shire when assessing and making decisions on applications for development approvals. Our LPPs are available online for you to view.

Local Planning Policies (Shire Documents)