Ordinary Council Meetings

Ordinary Council meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of each month, a week after Agenda Briefing Sessions (except December which is held on the third Wednesday). Meetings are held in the Council Chamber, except where otherwise indicated, and are open to the public to attend.

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Agenda Briefing Sessions

Agenda Briefing Sessions are typically held in the third week of every month at the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup Council Chambers. These sessions are open to the public to attend, however there is no opportunity for public participation. 

Agenda Briefing Guidelines


Attending a Meeting

Participation at Council Meetings 

As of July 2022, we implemented a policy to livestream our Council Meetings at every opportunity, where technically possible, unless the Council has resolved to close the meeting to members of the public in accordance with Section 5.23 of the Local Government Act 1995. The primary purpose of these streams is to be open and transparent, giving the public greater access to Council decisions, debates and discussions by eliminating geographic and/or personal barriers that may prevent physical attendance at a Council Meeting.

Please be aware that some external locations that the Council visits do not have livestreaming or recording facilities. We invite the public to visit these locations with the Council, should you be interested in the meeting topics of discussion. Alternatively, we will have our documented Meeting Minutes published online for you to access. You can read the Live Streaming and Recording of Council Meetings Policy for more information.

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The purpose of this Special Council Meeting is for Council to:

  • Consider the recommendations of the Chief Executive Officer and Performance Review Committee concerning the appointment of a person to the position of independent person for the CEO Recruitment Selection Panel as a result of Mr Bruce Hearman withdrawing from the role.

The purpose of this Special Council Meeting is for Council to:

  • Consider extending the appointment of the Temporary Chief Executive Officer.

The purpose of this Special Council Meeting is for Council to:

  1. Receive the Minutes from the Chief Executive Officer Recruitment and Performance Review Committee held 28 February 2024; and
  2. Award RFQ231 - CEO Recruitment Consultancy Services.

The purpose of this Special Council Meeting is for Council to:

  1. Endorse the CEO Recruitment Process; and
  2. Issue an RFQ To Seek a Recruitment Consultant; and
  3. Appoint an Independent Selection Panel Member (CONFIDENTIAL); and
  4. Approve the Selection Criteria and Position Description in the draft CEO Employment Contract.

The purpose of this Special Council Meeting is for Council to: 

  1. Confirm minutes for Ordinary Council meeting held 13 December 2023.
  2. Receive minutes of the Audit and Risk Management Committee meeting held 20 December 2023.
  3. Presentation of Summary of Accounts for December 2023.
  4. Presentation of Monthly Financial Statements for December 2023.
  5. Annual Financial Statements and Audit Opinion 2022/2023.
  6. Office of the Auditor General Financial Audit Results Local Government 2021/2022.
  7. 2022/2023 Annual Report.
  8. Schedule the Annual General Meeting of Electors 2024.
  9. Appointment of Independent Members to the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

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