Registering a food business? Here's what you need to know.

Why do I need to register my food business?

Under the Food Act 2008, every food business, community group or charitable organisation that provides food to the public for sale, is required to notify/register with the local government in which they operate.

The Shire registers and inspects food businesses operating in the Shire. There are minimum standards by which these premises must operate in relation to food safety and maintenance.

All food premises are risk rated into four categories based on risk of food handling activities being carried out. Food premises are classified as:

  • Very low risk
  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk

This classification is important as it helps determine annual fees and inspection frequency.

What other approvals are required by the Shire?

If you would like to open a food business within the Shire, you will first need to check if you need planning approval. Please phone (08) 9780 4200 and ask to speak with Planning Services.

If you are making any structural changes to your property, or changing the classification of the building (e.g. from a residential to commercial), you may need building approval. Please phone (08) 9780 4200 and ask to speak with Building Services if applicable.

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What kinds of things do I need to consider?

Food handling skills and knowledge:

Not for Food Safety Supervisors. Persons conducting food handling operations must possess the skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene matters required to handle food safely. Our team can assist food businesses to meet these requirements by providing free access to training tools FoodSafe (use voucher code FSDONNY365) or DoFoodSafely, linked below. 

FoodSafe DoFoodSafely

Food safety management requirements:

Includes Food Safety Supervisors. From 8 December 2023, newly developed and approved food safety Standard 3.2.2A will come into force to ensure food handlers have appropriate skills, knowledge and key food safety controls are adequately managed.

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Suitability of premises (including mobile vans and trailers) compared to requirements in the Food Standards Code. 

Learn more about fitting out your food premises and its operation.

Fit out:

Cost of fit out to meet requirements of Food Standards Code.

Learn about the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code

Wastewater disposal:

Where reticulated sewerage is available, the possible requirement for a grease arrestor and trade waste permit through Water Corporation. Where reticulated sewerage is not available, the possible requirement for a grease arrestor and onsite effluent disposal approval through the Shire.

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Water supply:

Where mains water supply is not available, the supply of potable water for drinking and hand washing. A filtration system may be required to meet microbiological standards.

What application form do I need?

To register your food business, please complete a Food Act 2008 Notification/Registration Form (linked below).

Food Notification/Registration Form

What will it cost?

Food Act Certificate


Low Risk

Medium Risk

High Risk

Application Fee:





Annual Service Fee:





Genuine charitable and community groups are exempt from paying these fees but must still notify/register.

Who do I contact if I need further information?

For more information, please contact the Shire's Environmental Health Officer on (08) 9780 4200, visit the Shire Administration Office at 1 Bentley Street, or email

Liquor Control

Application Forms:

Shire Liquor Permit

Section 39 Certificate