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Published on Friday, 29 September 2023 at 12:00:00 PM


Mattresses will incur a $50 (previously $30) fee when dropped off at our waste facilities, and furniture will cost a minimum of $13 + $13 per additional cubic metre (previously $6 + $6). Keep in mind that bulky furniture items (particularly couches) begin at $26 per metre cubed (due to the space they take up in landfill), and any other furniture items are to be charged at the site attendant’s discretion. This is because mattresses and furniture take up valuable landfill space, and mattresses in particular can take hundreds of years to break down. Recycling as many materials as possible from mattresses is our preferred method of processing, which is now covered in the cost of the item you’re disposing of (our last agreement didn’t have this set in clear terms or covered in the costs properly).

To tackle these charges and fees, you could enquire about any ‘take back’ policies your preferred supplier may have for mattresses, or look at reusing, gifting, or donating secondhand furniture if it’s still in reasonable condition. Why not plan an outdoor DIY session this Spring?

There is provision for disposal of furniture to be charged at half the rate if it is considered reusable or recyclable, however this will be at the discretion of the site attendant.


Green waste disposal will now cost $5, or one ‘click’ per cubic metre for domestic loads (commercial loads have always incurred a fee). This is because the general costs of processing waste are rising, so the charge means people who dispose of green waste will contribute to covering the associated costs. We are always looking towards a greener future and to improve our education around environmental care and wise waste. We encourage you to reach out to learn more or ask any questions you may have - your question could help someone else learn a way to avoid waste!

If you know a local organisation or club that provides resources like these too, please share their pages (websites or social media accounts) with us and let us know what they do, so that we can help spread the word too.

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