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You can find everything you need to know about waste management and services provided to residents by the Shire, from using the waste facilities to sorting out your rubbish for kerbside collection!

Waste Fees & Charges (23/24) Waste News & Education

If you have any questions that can't be answered on this page, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Shire Administration Office for assistance - you can call us during office hours (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:00pm) on (08) 9780 4200, email shire@donnybrook.wa.gov.au, or use our online Contact Us form here.



Our waste services are for all residents in the Shire, which includes a kerbside collection service, waste management facilities (includes transfer and landfill at respective locations). Other general waste services available consist of the disposal and processing of general waste, recyclables, and organic materials.

As of the start of the 23-24 financial year, the previous contract for the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup waste services that spanned over 10 years expired on 30 June 2023. As such, after an extensive process undertaken by the South West Regional Waste Group, the Shire has a new contract that has been executed with Cleanaway to undertake kerbside collection and disposal services, commencing 1 July 2023.

The South West Regional Waste Group consists of representatives of the following local governments as well as the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup:

  • City of Bunbury
  • Shire of Harvey
  • Shire of Collie
  • Shire of Capel
  • Shire of Bridgetown Greenbushes
  • Shire of Nannup

The Shire is developing educational resources for the community to assist in minimising costs and decreasing our general waste footprint. Further focus will be placed on current waste services, the impact of our landfill site on Goodwood Road (Donnybrook), and ways in which we find cost savings for our community. Shire Officers will be doing their best to communicate as clearly as possible on a regular basis about the waste services. If you would like to contribute to the discussion and leave us your feedback, we encourage you to reach out! Here's how:

Get in touch with us about the waste services we provide - it helps us ensure that we provide the best for our community!

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Let's talk about kerbside collection.

3-Bin kerbside collection service operates in the Donnybrook, Kirup and Balingup town sites. Organics Bins are collected weekly, and Rubbish & Recycling Bins are collected fortnightly on an alternate basis. Collection day is Monday for Donnybrook, and Tuesday for Kirup and Balingup.

2-Bin kerbside collection service operates in other town site areas of the Shire. Rubbish Bins are collected weekly, and Recycling Bins are collected fortnightly. Collection day is Monday for Argyle, Irishtown, Upper Capel and Brookhampton, and Tuesday for all other areas.

All properties within the area covered by kerbside collection will be charged for a bin service (either two bin or three bin service) under the Councils Local Law.

The charges are included on your annual rates notice. An interim rate notice will be issued for properties on a pro-rate basis where either the service is commenced or finalised after issuing the annual rate notice

All services are optional for Commercial businesses. Both the Rubbish and Organics Bin collection will be weekly for businesses that choose these services.

Sorting Organics / FOGO

What goes in the bright green bin?

FOGO stands for Food Organics and Garden Organics, but you can put more than just your garden materials into this bin. All organic materials can go into the bright green bin, including:

  • FOOD SCRAPS (such as meat/bones/seafood raw or cooked, peels, cake and bread crusts, fruit and vegetables, teabags and coffee grounds, eggs and oyster shells, cheese, yoghurt, leftover takeaway food, etc.)
  • ORGANIC FOOD CONTAINERS / PAPER-BASED PACKAGING (such as food-stained pizza boxes, paper muffin cases, etc.)
  • PET WASTE (such as droppings and fur)
  • CHARCOAL AND ASH (make sure it's not hot!)

The best way to dispose of your food scraps and organic waste is to put it in the bin loose, wrap it in newspaper, or use a compostable bin bag and kitchen caddy. If you require a replacement or additional kitchen caddy, you can pick one up the next time you're in the Shire Administration Office.

Compostable bags are made of 100% compostable materials that decompose during the commercial composting process. Compostable bags differ from biodegradable bags, so it is important to only use compostable bags when recycling your food scraps and organic waste. These bags can be purchased from your local supermarket, or ordered online using one of these resources:

Sorting Recyclables

What goes in the yellow bin?

There are a lot of household items that can be recycled, which aids in reducing landfill. This includes:

  • PLASTIC FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS (such as takeaway containers)
  • OTHER PLASTICS (such as toys with no batteries, plant pots, plastic cutlery, or biscuit trays - just remember to make sure it's all clean!)
  • CD AND DVD CASES (make sure you remove the disc, plastic sleeve and paper cover!)

Sorting General Waste

What goes in the dark green/red bin?

Please ensure flammable and hazardous materials are not placed in any kerbside bin. This bin is for your general household waste that cannot be put in the recycling or organics bins. Items suitable for this bin include:

  • POLYSTYRENE (such as meat trays, foam cups and other packaging material)
  • ALUMINIUM FOIL (make sure it's in a compact ball that is not smaller than a golf ball)
  • SOFT PLASTICS (reusable green bags, produce bags, bread bags, confectionary packaging, rice/pasta packages, frozen food bags, etc.)


    What facilities are available for a tip run?

    There are two (2) waste management facilities within the Shire:

    • Donnybrook Waste Management Facility
      • Goodwood Road, Donnybrook
      • Includes landfill & waste transfer
    • Balingup Waste Transfer Station
      • South Western Highway, Balingup
      • Includes waste transfers
    • Please note that these sites are closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday. For information on what can be recycled or disposed of at these sites please visit the following website: 

    These facilities are operated by Hastie Wastie, contactable on (08) 9731 0296 during office hours. Alternatively, your enquiries can go to the site attendant, or you can contact the Shire to discuss your query further.

    Ratepayers are issued with a Tip Pass with their annual rate notice.  You must present your valid tip pass upon arrival otherwise disposal fees will apply.  For those of you whom are renting within the Shire, you will need to speak to your landlord or property manager about obtaining a tip pass. 

    Containers for Change

    A community-based programme called Containers for Change is managed by the Donnybrook Lions Club that not only encourages sustainability, but gives locals a convenient option to recycle their eligible beverage containers. 

    The Containers for Change movement is a way for containers to live on, again and again - when you return your 10c containers through this programme, you're playing a part of a bigger cycle where everybody wins. 10c containers are saved from landfill so they can live another life, with the benefit of creating jobs and money going back into the pockets of everyday Western Australians.

    donnybrooklions.org.au Follow the Lions Containers for Change Facebook page! www.containersforchange.com.au/wa

    What are the Fees and Charges for the 23 / 24 ?

    Waste Fees & Charges (23/24)

    Where do I get my Tip Pass? 

    In October 2022, the Shire went digital with its Tip Passes. This makes better use of technology and improves processes and systems relevant to the Tip Passes, and ensures that even if you lose the physical copy of your pass, your details and remaining Tip Pass uses are safe and can be reprinted at the Shire Administration Office or emailed/posted to you.

    Your Tip Pass can be located on the bottom of your annual rates notice. These paper copies are tearable and have a unique QR Code that corresponds to your individual property, making the allocation process entirely hassle free! The QR Code must be presented to the site attendant at one of the approved Shire waste facilities so that the appropriate number of 'clicks' can be deducted from your pass. This functions the exact same as paper passes, where the amount of 'clicks' is determined by the size and nature of your load of waste.

    What are the costs around certain landfill disposals and processing?


    Mattresses will incur a $50 (previously $30) fee when dropped off at our waste facilities, and furniture will cost a minimum of $13 + $13 per additional cubic metre (previously $6 + $6). Keep in mind that bulky furniture items (particularly couches) begin at $26 per metre cubed (due to the space they take up in landfill), and any other furniture items are to be charged at the site attendant’s discretion. This is because mattresses and furniture take up valuable landfill space, and mattresses in particular can take hundreds of years to break down. Recycling as many materials as possible from mattresses is our preferred method of processing, which is now covered in the cost of the item you’re disposing of (our last agreement didn’t have this set in clear terms or covered in the costs properly).

    To tackle these charges and fees, you could enquire about any ‘take back’ policies your preferred supplier may have for mattresses, or look at reusing, gifting, or donating secondhand furniture if it’s still in reasonable condition. Why not plan an outdoor DIY session this Spring?

    There is provision for disposal of furniture to be charged at half the rate if it is considered reusable or recyclable, however this will be at the discretion of the site attendant.


    Green waste disposal will now cost $5, or one ‘click’ per cubic metre for domestic loads (commercial loads have always incurred a fee). This is because the general costs of processing waste are rising, so the charge means people who dispose of green waste will contribute to covering the associated costs. We are always looking towards a greener future and to improve our education around environmental care and wise waste. We encourage you to reach out to learn more or ask any questions you may have - your question could help someone else learn a way to avoid waste!

    If you know a local organisation or club that provides resources like these too, please share their pages (websites or social media accounts) with us and let us know what they do, so that we can help spread the word too.

    What do I do if my bin is missing, damaged, or has been stolen?

    To order a new bin, replacement bin (broken/stolen), or to discuss bin repair, please contact the Shire Office on (08) 9780 4200. Alternatively, you can contact Cleanaway on 1800 049 193.

    What do the different Recycling Codes mean on different items?

    The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) introduced a code system in 1988 that helps with recycling plastic by numbers. Almost all plastic products bear the general recycling symbol: a triangle formed by three circling arrows. The number in the triangle indicates the type of plastic. There are six common types of plastic and one miscellaneous category with the number 7. Though the codes serve no real purpose in terms of waste separation, the recycling code can be used by consumers to make a distinction between plastics that would be safer to use than other plastics. You can read more on the Information Sheet below:

    Recycling Codes - Information Sheet

    What has changed in the waste services space in 2023?

    The previous contract for the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup waste services spanned over 10 years, and expired on 30 June 2023. As such, after an extensive regional procurement process undertaken by the South West Regional Waste Group, the Shire is pleased to formally announce that a contract has been executed with Cleanaway to undertake kerbside collection and disposal services, commencing 1 July 2023.

    Naturally, over a 10 year period (as of the time of the end of the previous agreement, and the start of the new agreement), a lot of change has taken place in the waste market. This has caused an increase in costs for waste management services not just for our Shire, but across the entire state of WA. Recyclable and general waste have increased in cost due to various influences, such as the cost of processing particular items at a waste site such as a mattress or e-waste (phones, TVs, etc). We are also proud of our community for their efforts in being wise with their waste, as there has been no reports of contamination of the organics waste throughout the 22-23 financial year, through to August 2023! We are very proud of our community for their efforts.

    Despite these changes in the waste market and space, our waste services have not changed. We still have kerbside waste management services that consisted of the collection, disposal, and processing of general waste, recyclables, and organic materials. We also still have our 3-bin and 2-bin services, alongside optional individual bin services. Some restrictions apply to certain areas within the Shire, such as the differentiation of 3-bin and 2-bin areas.