Safe Driving during stormy weather - resources

Published on Tuesday, 25 June 2024 at 10:00:00 AM

With the school holidays coming up this weekend, we want everyone to be driving safely during winter, particularly during stormy weather. The following advice is from the Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) WA and RAC.

Advice from RAC:

Driving during stormy conditions, when there is heavy rain, wind and lightning, can affect the control you have over your vehicle, reduce visibility, increase traffic congestion, and can be stressful for the driver.

If you’re faced with driving through a section of road that is heavily flooded, it’s always best to turn around and find another route if possible. Trying to go through it could risk damage to the engine, other major parts, and the car’s electrical systems. If you have no choice but to drive through and know that the water won’t reach too high for your vehicle, drive through slowly to reduce the chances of water being forced up into places it shouldn’t go.

Read the advice for driving during stormy weather on the RAC website linked below.

Advice from DFES WA:

With dark skies, heavy rain, lightning flashes and thunderclaps, storms can be loud and startling, but if you’re prepared you don’t need to be scared. When a severe weather warning has been issued, follow the directions on how to stay safe in the official warning. It’s best to avoid being on the road, and you should park your car undercover.

If you must travel, slow down, turn your lights on, and keep a safe distance from other drivers. Stay alert and watch for hazards on the road, obeying road closure signs. If you are in the country, be careful driving on gravel roads as surfaces will be slippery and muddy and vehicles could become bogged.

Read the advice on what to do during severe weather on the DFES WA website linked below.

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