Online Form - Public Question Time

If you wish to ask a question at an Ordinary Council Meeting, you can do so during Public Question Time at the start of the meeting. Each member of the public with a question is entitled to ask up to two questions at a time. If a question is unable to be answered at the meeting, it may be taken on notice by the Council for a later response. 

Commissioner McGowan has introduced a new form system for receiving questions from the public. This is to ensure that we have a true record of all questions and can ensure nothing is missed, and will assist in addressing questions appropriately and concisely. If you are planning on asking a question at the upcoming meetings, please ensure that you have filled and sent us a copy of this form, or bring it with you on the day of the meeting. 

Please have regard for others who might wish to ask questions and keep your question/contextual information as succinct as possible. Generally speaking, each person will be able to ask up to two questions on a topic or issue. If you
have more than two questions you may be asked to wait until others have had a turn and then, time permitting, you may return to ask your further question/s.

Short statements/contextual information will be permitted, however, if you wish to have the opportunity to make a longer statement you should seek permission to make a deputation prior to the meeting.

You may ask a question on behalf of an organisation/group, however, you will be asked to formally declare that you have the appropriate authority to speak on behalf of the organisation/group.

Is your question related to an item on the Agenda?

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