Donnybrook Heritage Goods Shed Interpretative Centre and Station Square

Donnybrook’s varied and colourful heritage will be celebrated this weekend with the opening of Station Square and the Donnybrook Heritage Goods Shed Interpretative Centre.

 The much-anticipated revitalisation of Donnybrook’s Town Centre tells the story of Donnybrook and provides a link to east and west sides of the railway track that unfortunately in the past has divided our evolving and unique townscape.

The Donnybrook Heritage Goods Shed Interpretative Centre will be opening the doors for Park Donnybrook mid August 2021.
Opening times and days for the Interpretive Centre will be available online once confirmed.

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The Donnybrook Balingup Shire Council at its November 2019 meeting adopted the Master Plan for the Donnybrook Town Centre Revitalisation Project to guide the future development of the precinct containing the historic Goods Shed. 

Public consultation and stakeholder engagement undertaken earlier in the year largely informed the content of the plan which includes provisions to guide the refurbishment of the Goods Shed, landscaping, connectivity, public art and temporary use of space which may be the subject of later development.  As anticipated, the project generated significant local interest with 316 online submissions received and a range of ideas were put forward.  It has been somewhat of a challenge capturing the entire range of suggested possibilities, however the resulting plan is considered to largely reflect the results obtained through the community survey, whilst taking into account several other factors, including ongoing operational and whole-of-life costs. 

The next step in the process is for Shire staff to prepare procurement documents to engage specialised services to undertake detailed design which will occur in early 2020. 

The Shire wishes to thank the community for its input to date, with particular thanks to Steve Dilley, June Scott and Linda Fry who have acted as community representatives on the Community Reference Group established for the project.