Citizens of the Year - 2023

Published on Wednesday, 1 February 2023 at 2:00:00 PM

These two wonderful gentlemen have contributed an incredible amount to our region, and as such were given Citizen of the Year Awards at the Australia Day Brunch (2023).

🏆 Benjamin Anderson.

Ben has been an active member of the Donnybrook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service since 2010, and since 2017 has been the Captain. During this time, he has attended 538 incidents in and around the Shire, including (but not limited to) bushfires, structural fires, and car accidents. Alongside these duties, Ben provides education via school visitations and training courses, provides support for the Apple Festival Fireworks, and participates in ANZAC Day marches. He has been involved in several Committees such as the Road Wise Committee, Local Emergency Management Committee, Bushfire Advisory Committee, and the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Zone Committee. Thank you for your hard work and efforts to support our community Ben, you are an asset to our Shire.

🏆 Geoffrey McMullen.

Geoff is a very passionate, community minded person who gets involved and supports his fellow citizens of Balingup and the Shire. Geoff has been very active in the community since coming to live in the district over 40 years ago. Primarily he runs his farm, but still volunteers at the Balingup Primary School, actively plays sport, has helped to raise funds for the Balingup Recreation Centre, is a valuable member of the Mullalyup Bushfire Brigade, and more. Thank you for your contributions Geoff, you are truly deserving of this award!


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