Budget 2022/23

Published on Monday, 29 August 2022 at 12:39:17 PM


Shire of Donnybrook Balingup

2022-23 Annual Budget

With careful consideration, many workshops and many revisions, the Council has set the overall Gross General Rate Revenue increase at 8%, with a deduction of 1.57% in the form of a concession, to all ratepayers. This results in a Net Rate Revenue increase of 6.43% for the 2022-23 financial year.

If every property in the Shire was valued the same, we would all have a Net Rate rise of 6.43%. As you know, this is not the case. This year, land valuations (specifically UV properties) have fluctuated significantly across the Shire. These land valuation fluctuations affect the calculation of Rates and subsequently, the proportion of the increase, or even a decrease in some instances. Regardless of the rates calculated on your notice, a 1.57% concession is applied.  

Council understands the impact COVID is having on households and businesses, and consequently has adopted this budget with inclusion of the once-off concession.   We were able to include the 1.57% concession by transferring funds from the Shire’s COVID Reserve, which was set up in 2020 to mitigate against impacts and recovery costs from the pandemic.

Developing our Long Term Financial Plan and Annual Budget within an environment of rapidly escalating costs and delivering the levels of service our community are accustomed to has been challenging, however, we have managed to stick with our long-term plans for a more financially sustainable future.

We are delivering a ‘no frills’ budget this year, focusing on the basics along with a few externally funded and co-funded projects, as highlighted in our long-term plans.

Key capital works projects this year will centre around VC Mitchell Park, Langley Villas and Minninup Cottages. Across these projects, the Shire has been fortunate to secure almost $9m in State funding. Works at VC Mitchell Park will bring our outdated sporting, recreation and community facilities up to contemporary standards. Meanwhile, significant works to the independent living units at Langley Villas and Minninup Cottages will inject new life into all of the units, thereby extending their lifespan.

There is an estimated transfer to Reserves of $779,400 and a proposed new loan of $3,000,000 with interest and principal repayments factored into the Annual Budget and Long Term Financial Plan.

Like households and businesses, the Shire has been impacted by costs escalating in all areas of operations - insurance, utilities, labour, materials, superannuation, construction, transport - the list goes on. This year, the most marked increases are in the cost of waste management.  Collection fees, recycling, processing and landfill - all costs increasing with no obvious relief coming in the short term. Council has increased some fees and charges to recover some of the increased costs, whilst developing plans in collaboration with other south west local governments to address the mid-to-longer term challenges (and opportunities) with regards to waste management.

It is a challenging financial environment for businesses and households, and like yourselves, local governments are not immune from the effects of rapidly escalating costs. While we have a tight budget this year, we are still on track with our Long Term Financial Plan and have managed to assist households with a once-off concession to give some relief to all ratepayers.

Thank you to the Chief Executive Officer, Ben Rose and his team for preparing the 2022/23 Annual Budget and my fellow Councillors for their due diligence during the preparation and adoption process.



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