Advice of Works - March 2024

Published on Tuesday, 20 February 2024 at 10:00:00 AM

UPPER CAPEL ROAD (completion by mid-March)
  • Bitumen reseals. Works are expected to be completed by mid-March.
LOWDEN GRIMWADE ROAD (completion by mid-March)
  • Bitumen reseals. Works are expected to be completed by mid-March.
YABBERUP ROAD (completion by mid-March)
  • Bitumen reseals. Works are expected to be completed by mid-March.
GRIMWADE-GREENBUSHES ROAD (completion by end of March)
  • Upgrade works to make a section of Grimwade-Greenbushes Rd to a sealed standard.
  • Bitumen sealing expected to be completed by the end of March.
UPPER CAPEL ROAD BRIDGE (ongoing since November 2023)
  • Replacement of Bridge 3275 on Upper Capel Road began as proposed in November 2023.
  • Demolition of existing single lane timber bridge plus the construction of a new dual lane concrete bridge, with roadworks, are included in the proposed works.
  • Road closures will be in place at the Upper Capel Rd Bridge for a period of up to six (6) months from November 2023 (May 2024).
    View the full notice + plans here
  • Gravel road grading will be undertaken throughout March.


    Hours of operation are typically between 7:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Works will be clearly signed, and we request tat you exercise due care when travelling near or through the designated areas. Delays are expected to be minimal. 

    Should you have any enquiries or require further information, please contact the Shire Works & Services Department during Office Hours (Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:00pm). Alternatively, you can submit your enquiry online:

    Contact Us

    - Dr Garry Hunt PSM, Chief Executive Officer

    Prohibited Burning Period (15 December - 31 March annually).

    The dates for the Prohibited and Restricted burning periods are determined based on seasonal conditions and may be subject to alteration. Essential details, including general information, legal obligations, and specific dates, are provided in the annual Fire Break Order and on our website here:

    Fire & Emergency Management

    Lighting fires is strictly prohibited from 15 December to 31 March annually. Additionally, burning is forbidden on days when the Fire Danger Forecast is rated as High or above, or during a Total Fire Ban. As these dates are subject to change, please contact the Shire before starting any fires, or talk to DFES WA via one of the following:


    You can’t get back what you’ve lost. 

    We want everyone to be prepared for an emergency, whether it’s a fire, flood or other crisis. Too many conversations after an emergency begin with “I wish I had…” People wish they’d taken the kids’ baby photographs, kept their passports safe, upped their insurance, or checked in with their neighbours. It’s these conversations that drive us to empower everyone in our community to prepare.

    Emergency Preparation Resources

    Australian Red Cross → visit this website to download the Get Prepared app, download your RediPlan, or build your survival kit. 

    DFES → visit this website to access resources from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, with information covering fires to floods.

    Being Bushfire Ready

    • Call 000 to report a life-threatening emergency, and/or to request police, ambulance and/or fire services.
    • To stay informed during an emergency, visit:
    • View a live map on that updates regularly and contains key information such as where you can evacuate to or what roads are closed
    • Listen to the ABC Radio to hear live updates
    • Develop and practice a bushfire survival plan (create an easy to print plan for leaving early or staying and defending your property)
    • Prepare an emergency kit for yourself and your pets - use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need
      Emergency Survival Kit Checklist
    • Research on what do with animals in an emergency (local procedures), starting here:
      DFES website (Pets and Livestock)

    Other Key Resources

    Here are some resources that you can use to stay safe:

    DFES Publications Property Preparation Checklist Bushfire Survival Plan – Leaving for a safer place Bushfire Survival Plan – Planning to actively defend Bushfire – Homeowners Survival Manual Bushfire – Bushfire Ready Groups Winter Burning Guide DMIRS - Building for Better Protection in a Bushfire Area


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