Latest Project Updates

Construction has begun and the Mural is taking shape.


As part of its COVID19 economic recovery program, the Federal Government has allocated grant funding to each local government in Australia. Under this grant program, the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup is to receive $467k in funding, which must be used by 31 December 2021. The Federal Government requires that each local government use the grant funding towards new, unplanned works and projects (i.e. funding can’t be allocated to projects or works already planned or budgeted for). At its November 2020 Council meeting, the Shire identified the possibility of utilising a portion of the funding towards development of a Pump Track in Donnybrook.
So, what is a ‘Pump Track’:

“A pump track is a 1-3 metre wide track that can be used for bicycle, skateboard, in-line skates and scooter riders to practice skills on a series of features, such as berms and rollers placed in quick succession. Essentially they are scaled down BMX tracks which do not require pedaling. ‘Pump’ refers to the action made by riders pushing down with their arms and legs to manoeuvre the bike or board over features to maintain momentum without pedaling or pushing-off the ground. Typically, tracks can be ridden continuously, and different combinations of features can be linked to provide a varied challenge. Bike handling skills can be transferred to other mountain bike tracks. Well designed pump tracks cater for all abilities, with all features being roll-able for beginners, and allowing for progression to pumping, and even jumping for more advanced riders. Riding a pump track is easy and children are typically comfortable using them within 10-20 minutes.

A well designed pump track provides enough challenges to stay attractive for years, because the rollers and berms can be combined and transitioned in different directions, creating opportunity for skilled riders to do jumps and maneuvers. Pump tracks can be made from natural soil, hardened surfaces, wood, fibreglass, concrete or asphalt. Historically pump tracks were constructed from natural soil blends and required significant ongoing maintenance. More recently, world’s best practice is tending toward lower maintenance surfacing techniques and materials, such as asphalt, which are inclusive for a larger user base of wheeled-sports including skateboarding, scooters, in-line skates and non-off road bikes.”