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Community Events

The Shire of Donnybrook Balingup is proud of its seasonal and annual events which are enjoyed equally by locals and visitors alike. The Council encourages and supports community, industry, cultural and sporting groups to deliver events in the area.

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Looking to Organise an Event?

There are certain legislative requirements that apply to events, implemented to aim towards protecting public health & safety and the environment. Local governments have a responsibility to assess events and ensure required approvals and arrangements are in place.

If you are planning an event, please download the Flowchart for event organisation and the Event Management Package, provided below. This Package contains detailed information to assist in the process of planning an event and obtaining relevant approvals.

Flowchart  Event Management Package

For further details regarding holding an event in the Shire please complete the Event Application Form provided below and contact Shire of Donnybrook Balingup Community Development Administration Officer on 08 9780 4200 or by email to: shire@donnybrook.wa.gov.au

Event Application Form

Risk management plans are an integral part of the event development process to ensure safe, successful and quality public events. A Risk Management Plan is recommended for every event and are mandatory in some cases due to the size and/or nature of the event. Below are templates that can be used by event organisers to develop a Risk Management Plan:

Risk Management Plan Template  Sample Risk Register

Application for Consent to Consume Liquor on a Park or Reserve

Shire Facilities

If you are hosting your event in or on a Shire Hall or Reserve, please complete the following booking form. The current fees and charges for these locations are included.

Hall Hire Application (Standard Use) Hall Hire Application (Regular Use)