Disability Access and Inclusion

Disability Access and Inclusion

By 2027, 1 in every 4 Australians will be living with some form of disability. The Shire of Donnybrook Balingup is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, accessible and engaged community.

It is recognised in the community that improving access and inclusion for all people is a common goal. Through having accessible and inclusive services and facilities, people are enabled to lead lives of greater independence and participate in community life.

The Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup has made good progress towards improving access and inclusion of its services, facilities and information through the ongoing development and implementation of its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP).

It is a requirement that the DAIPs is reviewed a minimum of every five years, with the purpose of the review to assess how well strategies of identified outcome areas are achieving access and inclusion of people with disability.

The current Disability and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) was adopted in 2017 and provides a planned approach to progressively improve access to community services provided by the Shire of Donnybrook Balingup. The 2017-2022 DAIP is available online, in print or in alternative formats upon request. If you have questions or if you would like a copy of the Plan in an alternative format please contact the Shire on 9780 4200.

Access and Inclusion Initiatives completed under the DAIP 2017-2022

The Shire has already completed several projects within the DAIP, including:

  • Installed a footpath between the ACROD parking bays at the Preston River car park to the front of stage area of the Donnybrook Amphitheatre
  • Installed an additional ACROD parking bay at the Donnybrook Recreation Centre car park
  • Upgraded line marking and signage at the Shire’s ACROD parking bays
  • Installed a footpath between Preston Village and the footpath on Bridge Street Donnybrook

Working at the Shire

The Shire of Donnybrook Balingup embraces diversity and encourages applications from people with disability. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to provide a positive, barrier-free recruitment process and a supportive workplace. If you have any support or access requirements, we encourage you to advise us at the time of application. We will then work with you to identify the best way to assist you through the recruitment process.

Making a Complaint to the Shire

The Shire strives to provide accessible services and facilities to its residents and visitors.  Feedback can be given in the form of compliments, complaints and/or suggestions.

Visit the Contact Us on the Shire’s website to submit a compliment, complaint or suggestion. Please make sure you provide your identification details and a complete account of your feedback to enable us to investigate and take further action if required.

Creating an Accessible Event

The Shire supports accessible meetings and events that can be enjoyed by all people including people with a disability, people with prams and young children and many older people.

Community and public events including fundraisers, conferences, annual general meetings, outdoor movie and music events, street market and the like are an important part of the lives of many people.

If you are a person or organisation hosting an event, you have a legal responsibility to avoid discrimination and remove barriers to equal access. Have you considered accessible parking close to the event and toilets with enough room for a person using a wheelchair? For information on how to create an accessible event, a guide has been developed by the Meetings and Events Industry of Australia in partnership with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

This guide can be found at Accessible Events.

Good Access is Good Business

A business that is accessible and inclusive increases its customer base. It benefits people with disability, seniors, parents with prams, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and your employees.  To assist businesses and community organisations understand and meet the access needs of people with disability, AccessWA have developed a range of You’re Welcome information sheets

The information sheets may assist businesses with making their services more accessible to expand their customer base into this growing market

Portable Pool Hoist

The Shire of Donnybrook recently installed a portable pool hoist that enables access to the Donnybrook Recreation Centre’s 25 metre indoor lap pool. Its installation supports one of the key strategies in the Shire’s Access and Inclusion Plan 2012-2017, ‘People with disability have the same opportunities as other people to access the buildings and other facilities of the shire’.

The Shire anticipates that the provision of the portable pool hoist will result in an increase in the use of the facility by people with disability for improved health and wellbeing.

Pool Hoist