Town Planning Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find Zoning Information?

The Shire of Donnybrook Balingup Local Planning Scheme No. 7 (LPS7) is the key document used to guide land use and development within the district.

It specifies the zoning for each property on the Scheme Maps. The Scheme Text provides the objectives for each zone, and outlines a range of development standards depending on the type and location of the development or land use.

The LPS7 Text is to be read with the Scheme Maps, State Planning Policies, and the applicable Local Planning Policies and Strategies.

If you wish to lodge a request for planning advice regarding any specific planning matter, please complete the Information Request Form linked below. Once received, the request will be processed at a fee of $73.00.

Planning Information Request Form

Is Development Approval the same as a Building Permit?

No, Development (Planning) Approval and a Building Permit are two separate processes regulated under different legislation. Development Approval grants permission for a development or land use whereas a Building Permit relates to the structural integrity and construction of development. If Development Approval is required, this will need to occur before you apply for a Building Permit.

Where can I find the Planning Policies?

We have a webpage that contains information on our Town Planning Framework, which also includes the associated policies - just follow this link and click on the Local Planning Policies tab:

Town Planning Framework

How do I apply for Development Approval?

An application form with relevant documentation and information is to be submitted to the Shire for assessment. An Application for Development Approval Form and Application Checklist outlining the necessary information for submission is available via the link below.

Planning Application Forms & Fees

How long does a Development (Planning) Application process take?

Depending on whether the proposal needs to be advertised or not, the Shire has 60 to 90 days to determine an Application for Development (Planning) Approval. This is consistent with the timeframes set by the State.

Where can I get an Application Form?

You can get started with the form linked below. Alternatively, you can get a hard copy of the form from the Shire Administration Office at 1 Bentley Street, Donnybrook.

Planning Application Forms & Fees

How do I find out more information about Planning at the Shire?

You may contact the Shire’s Planning Services on (08) 9780 4200 or via email at