Local Laws


Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law (Consolidated 2017)

Animals, Environment and Nuisance Local Law *

Bush Fire Brigades Local Law (consolidated 2017)

Cat Local Law (Consolidated 2017)

Cemeteries Local Law

Dogs Local Law (Consolidated 2017)

Extractive Industries (Consolidated 2016)

Fencing Local Law (Consolidated 2016)

Health Local Laws (with parts repealed 2017)

Meeting Procedures Local Law 2017

Outdoor Eating Areas Local Law (2013)

Parking and Parking Facilities Local Law

Property Local Law 2015

Waste Local Law **

*  Animals, Environment and Nuisance Local Law 2017 – please note, clause 3.10(b) (removal of refrigerants from disused refrigerators or similar) will be deleted prior to 28 March 2018, as the Commonwealth now regulates this through a licensing system.

** Waste Local Law – an Objection and Appeal Rights Clause will be included in this local law prior to 27 March 2018.

Waste and Animals, Nuisance & Environment Local Laws – undertakings


The following local laws or sections of local laws have recently been repealed:

Health Local Laws 1999, Section 4.2 (disposal of refuse).  This is now covered by the Waste Local Law.

Removal of Refuse, Rubbish and Disused Materials Local Law 2001

Miscellaneous Provisions Local Law

Standing Orders

(2 & 3 covered by Animals, Environment and Nuisance Local Law, 4 replaced by Meeting Procedures Local Law)