Waste Management

For Waste Management enquiries, contact the Shire’s Health Services on (08) 9780 4205
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Kerbside Waste Bin Collection Services

A 3-Bin kerbside collection service operates in the Donnybrook, Kirup and Balingup town sites. Organics Bins are collected weekly, and Rubbish & Recycling Bins are collected fortnightly on an alternate basis. Collection day is Monday for Donnybrook, and Tuesday for Kirup and Balingup.

A 2-Bin kerbside collection service operates in other town site areas of the Shire. Rubbish Bins are collected weekly, and Recycling Bins are collected fortnightly. Collection day is Monday for Argyle, Irishtown, Upper Capel and Brookhampton, and Tuesday for all other areas.

Waste Services Calendar

Properties located on the collection route may also elect to use the service.

The charges applicable for the bin collection services are included on the annual rate notice. An interim rate notice will be issued for properties on a pro-rata basis where either the service is commenced or finalised after issuing the annual rate notice. 

All services are optional for Commercial businesses. Both the Rubbish and Organics Bin collection will be weekly for businesses that choose these services.


What Goes In The Recyclables Bin?

To reduce waste going to landfill you can now place more items in your yellow recycling bin, including:

  • Plastic storage containers (e.g. take-away containers)*
  • Plastic toys (no batteries)
  • Plastic plant pots
  • Biscuit trays
  • Plastic crockery (clean)
  • CD and DVD cases (remove disc, plastic sleeve and paper cover)
  • Pots and pans
  • Medicine and vitamin bottles (empty)

What Goes In The Organics Bin?

Use your organics bin for more than just your garden material. All organic material can go into your lime green organics bin including:

  • food scraps (including meat and seafood)
  • food-stained pizza boxes
  • shredded paper
  • paper towel and tissues
  • paper muffin cases
  • pet waste
  • charcoal and ash
  • human and pet hair

Remember to place all garden material loose into the bin. Do not put your garden material in plastic bags.

Excess garden material can be taken to the Balingup Waste Transfer Station or the Donnybrook Waste Management Facility where it will be mulched.

All Food Scraps Are Good To Go!

Food scraps are a valuable resource that we can no longer waste. Food scraps placed in the lime green organics bin will be composted and turned into compost. Recycling food scraps increases resource recovery, reduces waste to landfill and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

All food can go into the green organics bin including:

  • food scraps and peels
  • cake and bread crusts
  • fruit and vegetables
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • meat scraps, bones and seafood (raw and cooked)
  • egg and oyster shells
  • cheese and yoghurt
  • leftover takeaway food

There are several ways you can recycle your food scraps. You can choose which best suits your household

  1. Put your food scraps in loose
  2. Wrap your food scraps in newspaper
  3. Use compostable bags and a kitchen caddy

Should you require an additional or replacement kitchen caddy please collect one when you are next in the office.

Compostable bags are made of 100% compostable materials that decompose during the commercial composting process. Compostable bags differ to biodegradable bags so it is important to only use compostable bags when recycling your food scraps and can be purchased from your local supermarket or order online via https://compostapak.com.au/ or  BioBag 8L roll of 75 bags - BioBag World Australia

What Goes In The General Waste Bin?

This bin is for general household waste that cannot be put in the recycling or organics bin.

Other items suitable for the waste bin include:

  • kitty litter
  • polystyrene (meat trays, foam cups and packaging material)
  • wine bladders
  • aluminium foil
  • ropes and hoses.

Soft plastics (eg reusable green bags, produce bags, bread bags, biscuit and confectionary packaging, rice and pasta packets and frozen food bags) can go into the general waste bin (red/dark green lid) . However they can also be recycled at major supermarkets via RedCycle bins. Please ensure flammable and hazardous materials are not placed in any kerbside bin.

Missed, Damaged and Stolen Bins

For missed bins please contact Cleanaway on 1800 049 193
To order a new bin, replacement bin (broken/stolen), or bin repair please contact the Shire Office on (08) 9780 4200. Please note that a Police Report Number is required for all stolen bins.

Fees and Charges

The Shire’s list of fees and charges are available below

 2022/2023 Waste Fees and Charges   

Waste Management Facilities

There are waste management facilities located in Balingup and Donnybrook.

Waste Management Facilities