9780 4200 (including after hours)

Vehicle Control

Abandoned motor vehicles

Abandoned vehicles create dangerous hazards for motorists. Prompt removal is often required and Rangers work closely with local Police to ensure this is carried out. They trace and contact vehicle owners whenever possible and arrange towing and/or impounding and disposal of abandoned vehicles.


Unlawful parking practices cause considerable inconvenience and in some cases create dangerous situations. The issuing of Parking Infringement Notices is sometimes the only way of ensuring compliance with the restrictions. A high priority is the regular patrolling of special parking bays set aside for disabled persons which tend to be misused by able-bodied drivers.

Off Road Vehicles (ORV)

Rangers, WA Police, the Deptartment of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and the Water Corporation are working closely to reduce this problem. It is requested that the public inform either the Rangers or Local Police of any details or the identity of offenders if known.

If off road vehicles are on public property such as a reserve, bridle path or any public open space, contact the Shire Rangers on 9780 4200 who will investigate the issue, or if the vehicle is on a footpath or roadway contact the Police on 131 444.