9780 4200 (including after hours)

Litter Control

Litter and the dumping of rubbish

Rangers Services rely on the community to assist in identifying offenders of illegal dumping of rubbish and materials. Rangers check for illegal dumping of rubbish during regular patrols and vehicles and trailers en-route to waste disposal sites and the bushland are targeted for insecure loads or illegal dumping activities.

Litter can take many forms:

  • Rubbish thrown from a moving vehicle or by pedestrians
  • Building rubbish, household rubbish or greenwaste placed on street verges
  • Placing advertising materials on vehicle windscreens
  • Dumped shopping trolleys
  • Improperly disposing of used syringes
  • Abandoned vehicles

Please call the Shire office on 9780 4200 or email to report any little complaints.