Air Quality

Burning Rubbish, refuse or other material

From 14 June 2017, a new local law was passed regarding the burning of rubbish, refuse or other material within town sites.

Local Law extract

The Local Law, in part states as follows:

  1. A person shall not on any land within a town site, having an area of 2000m2 or less set fire to rubbish, refuse or other materials unless written approval has first been obtained from the local government.

Benefits of banning open air burning without a permit

By prohibiting burning on land within town sites with an area of 2000m2 or less, the Shire aims to provide a safe and healthy environment in which all residents can enjoy a quality of life that meets the general community expectations.

The Shire adopted these measures to control nuisances, odour and smoke emissions and other discharges to the environment, which may adversely affect the enjoyment of life, health, safety and the welfare of the community.

All open air burning of refuse including green waste on land within town sites with an area of 2000m2 or less, should be reported to the Shire’s Customer Service Department.  Please be aware that Authorised Officers from the Shire may issue an infringement of $250 for a breach of the local law.

Barbeques and fireplaces are okay

This local law does not apply to a fire lit for the purposes of cooking food for human consumption, solid fuel water heaters, space heaters or ovens fired with dry paper, dry wood, synthetic char or charcoal type fuel.

However, care should be taken to keep any smoke emissions to a minimum.

Disposal of refuse including green waste

Owners and occupiers of properties affected by this local law are encouraged to dispose of their waste through the Shire’s kerbside bin collection service. With respect to green waste, people are encouraged to mulch or compost waste, put the material in organics bins or transport it to the Shire’s Waste Management Facilities, where it will be processed into quality mulch.