WEED ALERT: Pokeweed

Published: Saturday, 11 January 2020 at 1:44:00 PM

This article has been reposted. There have been recent reports of Pokeweed within the Shire. January 2020.


Original Article: 11 June 2019

Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) has recently been found in the Balingup area. This is a new weed for Western Australia. A collaborative program to eradicate this weed is now underway with government and industry working together. The aim is to control all pokeweed plants prior to them setting seed this summer.

This plant is toxic to both humans and livestock and can contaminate agricultural produce.

All plant parts, especially the root, contain numerous saponins and oxalates and can be fatally toxic to humans and livestock when ingested raw or with improper preparation.

Pokeweed is a declared pest in Western Australia under the BAM Act 2007, meaning that landholders must eradicate it, if found on their property

Help to eradicate this weed!

Be aware of any new or unusual plants.
Note the location of the plant (using a GPS if possible).
Take photographs (leaves, flowers, fruit and whole plant).
DO NOT collect seeds, berries or leaves as they are all poisonous.
Report to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development by:
Phone: (08) 9368 3080
Report online: mypestguide.agric.wa.gov.au or using the MyPestGuideTM Reporter app
Email: padis@dpird.wa.gov.au

WEED ALERT: Notice from Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Pokeweed Fact Sheet – DPIRD 

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