New Look Tip Pass for 2019/2020

Published: Monday, 2 September 2019 at 10:27:00 AM

The 2019/2020 will look significantly different to previous years and will come attached to your Rates Notice which will be posted out early September.

When you receive your rates notice in the mail you will find the passes are attached with a perforated line to the bottom of the notices and can be easily remove for use. Residents with rate notices over one page (about 40) will have a detached tip pass accompanying their rates notice with an explanatory ‘with compliments’ slip.

Tip fees were modified this year to be multiples of $11 - each click of the pass is worth $11 – if the waste is worth more than $11, say $22, then 2 numbers will be clicked.

The new tip pass has additional information on the reverse side and includes the property reference number to which it was issued.

Additional tip passes are available for purchase at the Shire’s administration office.

Anyone renting a property should contact the property owner/agent to get access to the property tip pass.

If you require additional information please contact the Shire on 9780 4200.

New Look Tip Pass 2019/2020

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