Mobile Muster

Published: Thursday, 4 July 2019 at 9:17:12 AM

It is the mobile phone industry’s way of ensuring old mobile phone products don’t end up in landfill – but instead are recycled in a safe, secure and ethical way.

There are a number of ways residents can recycle their mobile phone through MobileMuster.

  1. Use a free MobileMuster satchel available from your nearest AusPost outlet.
  2. Drop them into the Mobile Muster container at the Donnybrook-Balingup Administration building; or
  3. Place them into the battery recycling bins at either the Donnybrook Waste Management Facility or Balingup Transfer Station.

When Mobile Muster receive your mobiles and accessories, everything will be recycled in a secure and safe process to the highest environmental standards. Nothing will be resold and any data left on mobile phones will be destroyed through the recycling process.

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