Published on Monday, 30 March 2020 at 11:39:26 AM


An update for our postal community:

Firstly, yes we are open and will remain open as an essential service throughout this crisis. Our banking services for over 60 banks and credit unions, plus our parcel services mean we are required to continue.

Our Department of Transport section also remains open until we hear differently.

We are unpredictably busy, with extra parcels coming in and going out, banking, home office supplies and other services.

Please be patient with us as these are strange times and our directives are changing daily.

Our new rules and changes to operations:

✳️Practice social distancing in and outside the store. Allow 1.5 metres between yourself and staff/customers

✳️Stand back from counter when possible and avoid leaning on counters and shelving

✳️Leave your kiddies at home/in the car/in the pram or sling wherever possible

✳️If you'd prefer to collect your parcel from the back door you are more than welcome. Please knock and wait as we may all be busy inside. We are signing all parcels on your behalf to avoid cross contamination.

✳️Please remember your mail key at ALL times. This limits people in the store and frees up our time too.

✳️Please bring your own pen if possible or use our pens in plastic on the writing bench......and obviously

✳️Do not enter the store if you have flu like symptoms or have travelled outside our country in the past 14 days, (or WA since Tuesday 24th March)

As for parcel delivery, our posties are delivering as much as possible, however Donnybrook has always had high volumes and we are now experiencing high Christmas like numbers.
Please check your tracking numbers, look out for your card and avoid ringing us unless you have an emergency item or an item is missing. Phonecalls take us away from customers too regularly. We are hoping to start a parcel delivery service for PO box holders who are self isolating, but with Karl out of action - that may be a few weeks away.

We are cleaning the store regularly, using hand sanitiser, alcohol wipes on pin pads, dettoll mix on benches and counters, as well as frequent handwashing. We are expecting bulk hand sanitiser in the coming week and will have a station at the door for everyone to apply on entering.

Thank you so much to our townfolk for your understanding and patience. Sorry this post has been so long, but these messages need to be given - so please pass on to non-social media users.

We wish everyone good health and strength through these difficult days. Stay kind and keep smiling,

Karl and Stacey Hutchinson

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