Online Form - Pensioner/Senior Review Form

Pensioner/Senior Review Form

Owner 1 Do you reside at the property?*
Owner 2 Do you reside at the property?
Owner 2 Are you a concession card holder?

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Does the property have a granny flat and/or ancillary accommodation?
Was this property purchased from the State Housing Commission (also known as Homeswest or Housing Authority)?
If Yes, are you 100% responsible for the rates?
Are you a life tenant of this property according to the Deceased Owners Will?
If Yes, have you previously supplied the Shire with relevant documents?


  • I/We have read and understood the provision of the Act as provided with my/our previous application.
  • I/We have neither obtained nor applied for a rebate under the Act in respect of any other property for the charged period.
  • I/We do not occupy any other property.
  • I/We authorise the Local Government to use Centrelink Confirmation eServices to perform a Centrelink/DVA enquiry of my Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Customer details and concession card status in order to enable the Local Government to determine if I qualify for a concession, rebate or service.
  • I/We authorise appropriate government departments to relase to Water Corporation, Local Government and/or the Officer of State Revenue, confirmation that I/we hold a current Pensioner/Seniors Card or State Concession Card.
  • I/We declare that I/we am/are currently in receipt of a Pension. (applicable only to pensioners)
  • I/We declare that the details provided in this application are true and correct in relation to the above property.


Owner 1 - I confirm that I have read and understood the Review Form declaration shown above.*