The Liberators Bliss Fest 2020

Past Event

Immerse yourself in 3 days of absolute bliss! With all meals included, unlimited herbal tea & coffee, deep bellied laughter and nourishing human connection with this playful festival by The Liberators of Perth.

Imagine arriving to the majestic green Berry Delightful farm nestled in the Balingup hills...being greeted at the pearly gates by angels...but watch out for the cheeky lil' devils as they might be out causing a ruckus! 😈
From the moment you arrive, you’ll be treated as a treasured guest with a delicious, plant based welcome dinner at the Utopia chill zone, followed by the revolutionary and hilarious opening ceremony experience at the Bliss stage. During the event you will gracefully have your socks blown off by at least 1 of the 4 festival surprises we’ve lined up for you (so bring a spare pair just in case 😉)

Our vision for this festival is to create a super fun and immersive experience of Heaven on Earth. Each and every step of the way lovingly crafted to take you on a liberating journey where you feel celebrated to fly to new higher highs!

Blissfest is a 100% sober yet wildly playful, plant based festival full of ecstatic bliss! This is going to be a healing, powerful and truly transformative experience full of laughter and liberation. You will be embraced, empowered and entertained at every turn by WA's finest facilitators, event coordinators, DJ's, performers and live musicians, ensuring you are celebrated for the magnificence you truly are!

Shine bright and discover innate delight in the playful bliss that exists within the spaces between the places. Slow down, pause, breathe and relax in the majesty of nature. Ignite your inner flame and find ways to fan the collective momentum in a community that cares.

The aim of The Liberators is to promote authentic human connection, laughter, friendships and solid good times. We've capped numbers at 300 people to preserve the friendly community feel and maximise your festival experience.

Early Bird Bliss Tix are $150 - SOLD OUT
Prompt Penguin Bliss Tix are $175 - ALMOST SOLD OUT
Lucky Last Llama Bliss Tix are $200

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This event is for fun, loving adults 18+

Event Details

Time: 3:00pm

Venue: The Berry Delightful 19503 S Western Hwy · Brookhampton


Organisation: The Liberators International


Event Date(s)

  • Friday 21st February 2020

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