Your Kerbside Collection Service

In the past seven months, residents utilising the kerbside collection service have managed to separate:

  • 424 tonnes of food and garden waste (turned into high quality compost)
  • 281 tonnes of recycling (to be separated, sorted and turned into new products)
  • 748 tonnes of general rubbish that was landfilled

Our kerbside refuse diversion rate is tracking at close to 48% which is just short of our target of 50% diversion from landfill by 2020.

The highly successful organics bin service is about to be extended, to include parts of rural-residential areas in both Donnybrook and Argyle. This service is being provided to households on an opt-in basis with 33 households presently taking up the offer.

The Shire would like to thank all residents for their efforts with recycling so far this financial year.