The Regional Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme – Round 2 of 2018/19

The Regional Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme (ATSS) assists talented regional athletes with out-of-pocket travel and accommodation costs associated with competing at eligible regional, state and national championships or events that fall within the performance pathway controlled by the recognised SSA / NSO.

Regional athletes apply online through the link below for Round 2 of 2018/19 from Monday 11 March 2019 to Friday 12 April 2019 for eligible events with start dates from 15 November 2018 to 15 June 2019.

Please refer to the Department’s website for further details, the Guidelines (which includes a summary of all information required to complete the application) and sport-specific pathway mapping documents to assist you understanding which of your sport’s squads/events are eligible. (

Please direct enquiries to 97926944 or or contact the dedicated ATSS enquiry email: