Rate notices are issued in August of each year and Council offers ratepayers the following three options to pay their rates.

  1. Payment in full within 35 days of issue of the rate notice.
    Entry into a prize draw is applicable for selecting this option.
  2. Payment of rates in two equal instalments.
    First instalment due within 35 days of issue of the rate notice and the second instalment due 4 months after the due date.
  3. Payment of rates in four equal instalments.
    First instalment due within 35 days of issue of the rate notice with each subsequent instalment being due two months apart.

Methods Of Payment

Payment of rates can be made:

  1. In person by cash, cheque, money order, eftpos or credit card at the Shire Administration Office.
  2. Telephone 1300 276 468 and follow the prompts, for payment with MasterCard or Visa.
  3. Detach the lower portion of your rate (or instalment) notice and mail with a cheque, money order or credit card details to: PO Box 94 Donnybrook WA 6239.
  4. Online

Note: An administration charge of $8.00 per instalment is applicable if selecting to pay by instalments and interest is also charged if one of these options is selected.

Waste Management Levy

With increasingly stringent Government regulations imposed on the operation of landfill sites, the cost of providing waste management facilities to the community is continually rising. In order to meet these costs, Council imposes a Waste Management Levy on all assessments. The levy ensures costs in relation to servicing and maintenance of refuse sites are equally distributed across the Shire. An amount of $168.00 per assessment has been levied for 2016/17.  Funds collected will be used to finance operational costs of all waste disposal sites, and future development and management of landfill sites within the Shire. Surplus funds will be placed in Reserve for the development of transfer station facilities to replace the Donnybrook landfill site, in accordance with Council’s Strategic Plan.

Note: On application in writing, owners of contiguous vacant assessments (as defined by Council Policy 6.5) will only be required to pay a single waste management levy per annum.

FESA Emergency Services Levy

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is a system introduced by the State Government to fund Western Australia’s fire and emergency services. Previous methods to raise money to fund the fire and emergency services had many problems and inequities, in that the majority of funding was raised through levies on property insurance policies. Estimates revealed that one in three houses in Perth were uninsured or underinsured, and may businesses self-insure or are insured offshore with non-contributing insurance companies. In addition 30% of fire call outs are to fires on vacant land that is generally uninsured. Under the ESL all property owners in Western Australia will contribute to the services available to them.

Local Government is collecting the ESL on behalf of the Fire & Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia (FESA) by including it on the rates notices. Local Government will send all money collected directly to FESA.

The ESL will fund agreed operating costs and capital equipment purchases for the Career Fire & Rescue Service, Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service, Local Governments’ Bush Fire Brigades, State Emergency Service, and Multi-service FESA Units.

Rates Penalty For Late Payment

Where no instalment option is taken:

Interest shall begin to accrue on all Rates and Charges that remain unpaid after the due date for payment of the Rates. Eligible pensioners are exempt.

Where the instalment option is taken:

Interest shall begin to accrue on any instalment payment that remains unpaid after the due date of the instalment, until such time as the instalment is paid. Eligible pensioners are exempt.

Account In Arrears

Interest shall begin to accrue as of 1 July on all rates and charges, including previous interest charges, that remain in arrears. Eligible pensioners are exempt.

Note: Interest shall accrue on a daily basis using simple interest at a rate set by the Council in the Budget for that financial year.

Arrears (Recovery of Rates)

If payment falls into arrears Council may instigate legal action for recovery of outstanding rates and service charges. If payment remains outstanding for a period of three years or more the Council may:

  1. Take the land and let it on lease;
  2. Sell the land;
  3. Have the land vested in the Municipality;
  4. Have the land revested in the crown.

Pensioner Concession – Rebates & Deferments

(Applicable to RATES only, all other charges to be paid in full)
Pensioners who meet the eligibility criteria below are entitled to claim a rebate of up to $750 off the current year’s rates, or may defer payment of those rates. Persons who hold a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card are entitled to the same level of concession as a pensioner. Seniors who meet the following eligibility criteria are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 25%, where the rebate is limited to a maximum amount of $288.70 for 2016/17. However, as per the Federal Government Policy, Seniors Card holders will no longer be able to claim Seniors Rebates for Local Government Rates, as at 1 July 2016.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for concessions under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992, an applicant must be the owner and reside in the property on 1 July of the rating year:

  • If a Pensioner, either be in receipt of a pension and hold a pensioner concession card or State concession card; or hold a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card; or
  • If a Senior, hold a Seniors Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests

A pro-rata rebate may be available from the date of registration to the Pensioners and Seniors who become eligible after 1 July of the rating year. Please contact Council where you have rate arrears outstanding on the property and you meet the eligibility criteria. You may be able to enter into an arrangement that entitles you to a rebate or deferment. If your circumstances change – particularly with respect to your ownership or occupation of the property, or eligibility as a Senior or Pensioner – you must notify Council. Your registration will be cancelled or amended, as appropriate.

Any person who wilfully makes a false statement in an application made pursuant to this section or who remains registered as an entitled pensioner knowing that they are not qualified to be so registered is guilty of an offence. Penalty $1,000.

Rebate refers to current rates only.
Service charges must be paid in full by all ratepayers.


The Valuer General’s Office supplies valuations on properties used for rating purposes and appeals should be directed to this department. The appeal must describe the relevant land, identify the valuation, and fully state grounds for objection. Appeal forms are available from the main office counter.
An appeal does not negate the liability for the payment of rates within the prescribed period.

Property Purchases

Before purchasing any property within the Shire, it is advisable to check at the Shire Office whether there are any zoning, building or subdivision requirements involved. Failure to do so could prove costly to the purchaser.

Ownership Records

All changes of ownership or address should be notified in writing as soon as possible to the Shire Office, so that Council records may be updated.