Meeting Dates

Ordinary Council meetings are held every fourth Wednesday of each month at 5.00pm, however the March Ordinary Council meeting will be held on Thursday 29 March 2018 and the April 2018 Ordinary Council meeting has been moved to Tuesday to observe the Anzac Day Public Holiday.  Meetings will be held in the Council Chamber, Collins Street, Donnybrook, except where otherwise indicated.

Ordinary Council Meeting dates for 2018:

Day                             Date                           Location

Wednesday                    14 February 2018                Donnybrook

Thursday                       29 March 2018                     Donnybrook

Tuesday                          24 April 2018                       Brookhampton

Wednesday                    23 May 2018                         Donnybrook

Wednesday                    27 June 2018                        Donnybrook

Wednesday                    25 July 2018                         Donnybrook

Wednesday                    22 August 2018                    Donnybrook

Wednesday                    26 September 2018             Donnybrook

Wednesday                    24 October 2018                   Balingup

Wednesday                    28 November 2018              Donnybrook

Wednesday                    19 December 2018               Donnybrook

The Annual General Meeting of Electors will take place during January 2019, date and time to be confirmed. The venue for the meeting will be the Council Chambers, Collins Street, Donnybrook.

Agenda Briefing Sessions 

At the 25 July 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to amend the adopted  Agenda Briefing Session Guidelines to the extent that these forums are open to the public to observe. These sessions occur on the third Wednesday of the month, commencing at 2.00pm in the Council Chamber, Collins Street, Donnybrook.

Dates for 2018:

Wednesday                 15 August 2018                      Donnybrook

Wednesday                 19 September 2018               Donnybrook

Wednesday                 17 October 2018                    Donnybrook

Wednesday                 21 November 2018               Donnybrook

Wednesday                 12 December 2018                Donnybrook

Special Council Meetings

Thursday                    30 August 2018                     Donnybrook

Friday                          10 August 2018                     Donnybrook