Off Road Cycling Event a great success!

Congratulations to Barrie and Sherry Thomas at Cycletrek in Lowden for hosting their first Offroad Handcycling weekend camp at their property in Lowden over the weekend Friday 8th – Sunday 10th September, 2017! The event was a great success – Sherry & Barrie’s wrap up of the event is detailed below.

A huge thank you to all those who came to help on Friday with setting up for the Offroad Handcycling weekend camp. This was the first event of this kind held in Australia. The whole weekend went off really well – even better than hoped for a first time event – and all that raking away of honkey nuts and small stones made all the difference! All attendees were delighted and truly grateful to come into such a well set up camping area (glamping some said) and to be able to simply unload their gear on arrival – and it was fantastic to say that our local community had prepared so much – most were very envious of us living in such a supportive community – and such a beautiful area (most had never been here before).

I have to say it was a wonderful thing to be a part of and it was terrific to be surrounded for 3 days by such gorgeous big hearted, giving people – from our local helpers to those who gave up their weekend to assist as coaches and ‘general hands’ to make the event flow smoothly and safely. Andrew Liddawi from Break the Boundary  (breaktheboundary.comwas the main organiser of the event and did an exceptional job; a massive credit to him that it was so successful.

Have a look on Facebook: Cycletrek Bike Shop & Mountain Bike Park  and  for some pics

Barrie & Sherry Thomas passed on their thanks :

  • Eck Wessling
  • Arthur Thomas
  • Danuta & Edward Paxton
  • Dave Doggett
  • Nicole Munro (and Max and Rory Beeson Sunday)
  • Leonie Inger
  • Brett & Remi Kirkpatrick
  • Tim the French traveler 
  • Yabberup Mens group for the sink
  • and the Yabberup CA committee for lending us the chairs.