Notice of Proposed Amendment No.10 to Local Planning Scheme No. 7

The Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup has resolved to amend Local Planning Scheme No.7 and public comments are invited.


In summary, the amendment to amend the scheme by:

a.         Delete the “Parks and Recreation” reservation from Zone Lot 4 Hearle Road, Glen Mervyn and replace with “General Agriculture” zone.

b.         Rezone Lots 613 and 614 South Western Highway, Donnybrook from “Tourist” to “Commercial”

c.         Delete item No.1 from Schedule 12 and insert into Schedule 9 Exempted Advertisements. 

d.         Amend Schedule 6 Additional Uses to include an additional use of “Tavern” for Lots11 and 268 Goldfields Road, Upper Capel

e.           Modify clause 4.56.4 by:

              i.            Replacing the word “encourage” in point (i) with “require”;

              ii.           Replacing the word “promote” in point (ii) with “require”;

              iii.          Replacing with words “which are” in point (ii) located between the words “businesses” and “safe” with “to be”;

              iv.          Replacing the word “encourage” in point (iii) with “require”.   

f.            Delete Clause and replace with:

“The primary street frontage of all non-residential buildings must have a façade that includes architectural features and proportions that reflected in immediately adjoining buildings in respect to material selection, roof form, positioning, scale, bulk and massing.  Notwithstanding this, the local government may support a variation in material selection and architectural features if immediately adjoining development has an industrial or outbuilding/shed style aesthetic.” 

Details of the proposal are available for inspection at the Shire Office, Cnr Bentley and Collins Streets, Donnybrook or by viewing the following link Local Planning Scheme No. 7 Amendment No. 10. Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the Shire in writing on or before Thursday 11th October 2018. 


Ben (Benjamin) Rose

Chief Executive Officer