3 on 3 Basketball at Donnybrook Recreation Centre

Donnybrook Recreation Centre’s 3 on 3 Basketball competition is underway for the 2018 season. Join us from 6pm onwards.

3on3 Basketball Jan 2018

3on3 Basketball Competition Rules

The Donnybrook Recreation Centre completion is open to basketball players from across the community, including associations, schools, businesses and even from local “street” courts. It’s an open age, mixed competition. You’re welcome to enter a team of 3 or more players, or just register yourself and the Centre will assist in forming new teams.

With over 250 million players worldwide, 3 on 3 basketball has grown to be extremely popular and the sport just keeps getting bigger and better.

“I love the 3 on 3 game. It really tests players both offensively and defensively,” explained Bill Brown, Vice President of Donnybrook Amateur Basketball Association.

“One of the biggest strengths of 3 on 3 basketball is its simplicity both in terms of rules and required facilities. It’s a high energy game and the emphasis of this competition will be on RESPECT and the SOCIAL enjoyment of community,” reiterated Mr Brown.

Donnybrook Recreation Centre staff are calling all basketball enthusiasts to jump on board and sign up for this evening Thursday competition.

If you’re interested in registering or want to find out more about more about the competition contact Donnybrook Recreation Centre on 9731 1822 or email donnybrookrec@westnet.com.au