Get in the Swim this School Holidays

Learn to Swim with VacSwimFlynne Martinedale 2

Your children can join in the fun of learning to swim with VacSwim swimming lessons in the October school holidays. For just $1 a day, plus pool entry it really is an unmissable opportunity!

With swimming pools, dams and beaches so much a part of our Western Australian lifestyle, ensuring your children can swim competently and safely is a must for all families.

Who can be part of VacSwim?

VacSwim is for children of all levels from beginner through to advanced survival, rescue and resuscitation. Children five years and older are encouraged to enrol. Adults can also enrol in the program, however depending on numbers, may be placed in classes with younger participants.

Classes are being conducted in the indoor pool at our very own Donnybrook Recreation Centre and there are still vacancies in all stages. The Centre is offering a two week program of lessons commencing Tuesday 26th September, 2017. Classes are allocated according to ability and not age.

For more information and on-line enquiries

On-line enrolments through the Education Department have closed, however late enrolments will be accepted at the ‘late enrolment session’ at the Centre on the Monday 25th September, 2017 before classes commence.

For more information phone the Rec Centre on 9731 1822 or contact the Education Department on 9402 6412 for more information. Vacswim October 2017