Fire Protection Expo – Saturday 6 May, 2017

Fire Protection Expo will highlight how residents in bushfire areas
can make themselves and their properties safer.

12noon – 4pm

Saturday 6 May 2017 at the Balingup Fire Station

This free event is open to all residents in the South West and Perth Hills and is particularly suitable for those who live in or visit bushfire-prone areas. The Expo is being held by the Balingup Volunteer Bushfire Brigade.

“The aim is to make the Expo interesting and fun; as well as worthwhile”, said Peta Townsing, the Expo coordinator.

“We have focus sessions, hands-on activities such as trying out a fire extinguisher and displays and sales of useful products to help reduce fire risk”, said Peta. “The Expo will be entertaining with great prizes to win, including a $500 prize to have a professional arborist for half a day to fell or prune risky trees”.

“A key objective is to enable residents to be better able to withstand a bushfire and its ember showers. Taking steps months even years beforehand to reduce their risk of bushfire attack means that they and their properties are much safer, as are firefighters”, Peta explained.

The Expo starts with the formal opening at noon by the Hon. Mick Murray, MLA, local member for Collie Preston.

The speakers scheduled for the focus sessions will include:

– Max Margetts – “Landscaping for bushfire”
– Roger Underwood, – “Good fire, bad fire”
– David Ward – “The history of fire in WA as determined by research on Xanthorrea”
– Ed Hatherley (DPaW) – “The challenges of Prescribed burning”

Activities will include:

– Using a fire hose. Testing hoses by Workpower, Fire and Electrical Services,
– Demonstration of and using fire extinguishers, including demonstration from Talison Lithium,
– Barbecue tests to see which plants will burn fiercely,
– Winter Burning excursion to a nearby property,
– Assessing fuel weight on ground by litter depth; even 10 mm of eucalypt litter can be hazardous near houses.

Displays/Stands/Sales will cover a range of interests including:

– Small Tree Farm (deciduous trees, and order forms),
– Shrubs and perennials for sale that are at low fire risk, eg succulents,
– Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Parks and Wildlife, Western Power,
– When to ring 000, how to set up Alerts and Warnings on a smart phone,
– Fire extinguishers and fire blankets for sale.

-Prizes include:

– Raffle to win a prize worth $500 being a half day of work from a qualified arborist,
– Prizes of deciduous trees, smaller shrubs that are low fire risk,
– Prizes of simple tools to combat embers that can cause house ignitions. Metal rakes, spade, metal buckets, mops,
– Two prizes of assessments of local property, under the auspices of the Brigade, to advise on what could be improved with respect to making it at less risk from bushfire, eg cover vents with metal flywire.

Apart from the raffle for the tree work, prizes will be given away in answers to simple questions. All the prizes will have relevance to reducing bushfire risk or putting out a fire if it comes.

All welcome to come along!

People can register on Eventbrite, at Fire Protection Expo. Facebook Page, Fire Protection Expo – Balingup

Contact details are 0497 555 120 Email Twitter: @Peta_FirewiseWA