Don’t Dump Them, Recycle Them

Residents are increasingly dropping off their household batteries for recycling.  In fact, in the past nine months alone the Shire’s residents have recycled over 173kg of batteries through our recycling stations.

The recovery and recycling of these batteries assist in reducing pollution from landfill sites.  As batteries start to break down in landfill, particularly in an acidic environment, heavy metals can leach into surface and groundwater.  Additionally, recycling of batteries assists in conserving valuable non-renewable resources such as nickel and lead-zinc-silver ores.

Batteries can be deposited at the Shire’s Administration building, the Donnybrook Library or the Donnybrook and Balingup waste facilities, giving everyone the ability to conveniently recycle their household batteries. 

The types of batteries accepted include:

• AA and AAA cells (single use & rechargeable batteries)
• C and D sized batteries
• Button batteries (e.g. from watches)
• 9V batteries
• 6V batteries (e.g. lantern/torch batteries)