UPDATE – Donnybrook Recreation Centre – Stadium Roof Replacement

Stage 1 – Stadium Roof Replacement

Work commenced on Stage 1 – Stadium Roof Replacement in the first week of May, however we were able to keep the stadium open until Monday 15th May, 2017. The work schedule is progressing well, however a few days have been lost due to wet weather. Smith Constructions have been good to deal with and if all goes to plan, the stadium will reopen on Monday 12th June, 2017!

The remainder of the Centre has remained ‘open for business’  throughout this period. The pool, gym, crèche, group fitness classes and squash have all continued with alternate entries being established. Wherever possible, programs which traditionally take place in the stadium, have been relocated into alternate venues within the Centre.

Re-roofing the sports stadium will continue next week, and we will also see the installation of the mechanical ventilation, the large ceiling fans and the new LED lighting into the sports stadium.

Update – 25th May, 2017    Notice four 25 May 2017

Check-out the photo – our new Centre Supervisor Aaron Jacobs getting an update on the work in progress with Brad Leaman, Site Manager Smith Constructions! There’s a great view from the top of the stadium!

Stage 2 – Indoor Pool

Stage 2 will involve closure of the indoor pool. Shire officers have a site meeting with the architects and the builders on Monday 29th May,  and we will have a clearer indication then as to the expected date of commencement of stage 2.

If you have any queries about use of the Centre or about programs and timetables please contact Donnybrook Recreation Centre – 9731 1822.

NBN Update

The nbn has continued to be rolled out further throughout the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup.

If you haven’t already done so, you’re encouraged to getting connected. If you, or someone you know in the community is experiencing issues or has not yet transitioned to nbn, this information may assist. NBN Checklist – May 2017

You may also be interested in contacting Mike Hendry – details below:

  • Mike Hendry is not employed by the nbn™ nor any retail service provider

Mike has indicated that there are 2 issues that are critical with regard to people’s experience of nbn:

  1. Understanding the speeds provided by nbn
  2. Understanding the role of the Retail Service Providers.

The Shire will be hosting another series of nbn Information sessions. Details will be available soon.

Update – Donnybrook Recreation Centre Redevelopment

Stage 1—Stadium Roof Replacement

The two court stadium will be closed for 5 weeks commencing Monday 1st May, 2017. It is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday 6th June, 2017.

The remainder of the Centre will remain ‘open for business’ throughout this five week period.

The pool, gym, crèche, group fitness classes and squash will all continue with alternate entries being established. Wherever possible, programs which traditionally take place in the stadium will be relocated into alternate venues within the Centre.

This first stage of the redevelopment will involve:

  • Re-roofing the sports stadium;
  • Installation of mechanical ventilation in the sports stadium;
  • Install large ceiling fans in the sports stadium;
  • Installing LED lighting to the sports stadium.

Smith Construction has been awarded the tender to redevelop Donnybrook Recreation Centre. They will work under the superintendence of GreslyAbas Architects and their consultant team to deliver the project strictly in accordance with the design and construction documentation.

If you have any queries or would like more information please contact Donnybrook Recreation Centre on 9731 1822.

Local Emergency Management Arrangements – Community Consultation

The Shire of Donnybrook – Balingup has recently reviewed and updated its Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMA).

The Local Emergency Management Arrangement is a comprehensive document which will be used in times of emergencies. This document details the Shire of Donnybrook – Balingup capacity to provide resources in support of an emergency, while still maintaining business continuity. Additionally, these arrangements are to ensure the community is prepared to deal with the identified emergencies should they arise.

A copy of the draft LEMA can be viewed here.


Suggestions and comments from the community and stakeholders can help improve these Draft Arrangements.

Feedback can include:

– What you do or don’t like about the Arrangements;

– Unclear or incorrect expression;

– Out of date information or practices;

– Inadequacies; and

– Errors, omissions or suggested improvements.


Feedback is required by 31 May 2017, and can be forwarded to:

Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup

PO Box 94


Or alternatively you may email to: shire@donnybrook.wa.gov.au








Brookhampton Road will be temporarily closed at bridge site 3621A, approximately 650m south west of the Sandhills Road intersection, to all through traffic from 29th May 2017 until late June 2017.

The closure is required to undertake various maintenance tasks including a concrete overlay.

Traffic Management with detours will be in place throughout the closure.

Further details and a copy of the plan of the closure will be available for inspection at the Shire Office, Bentley Street Donnybrook, during normal office hours.

Hours of operation are normally between 7.00 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.  Works will be clearly signed and you are requested to exercise due care when travelling near or through these areas.  Delays are expected to be minimal.  Should you have any further enquiries, please contact Council’s Works & Services Department on 97 804 209.

Benjamin (Ben) Rose