Bush fire Season – Preparing your home and property

Most houses are damaged or lost in bushfires due to ember attack – this is where burning embers carried by strong winds land in gaps or on material that easily burns, such as vegetation close to the home.

There are actions you can take immediately that will help protect you and your property from bushfire:

  • Keep the grass mowed and gutters clean
  • Keep gas cylinders away from likely direction of fire (i.e. where bush is) and turn release valves outwards, away from the house
  • Remove wood, mulch or any flammable material against or near the house
  • Create a minimum two metre gap between your house and tree branches
  • Install metal fly wire mesh on all windows, vents and install a protective screen on evaporative air conditioner
  • Block any gaps under floor, in the roof spaces, under eaves, external vents, skylights, chimneys and wall claddings
  • Install a fire or heat radiant shield such as a solid fence
  • Prune the dead material from shrubs and trees within at least a 20 metre radius of your home.
  • Install firebreaks in accordance with your local fire break notice.

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Access a range of information to help you prepare for bushfire season:

  • Download a copy of the Bushfire Preparation Toolkit at the Fire Chat Website at www.firechat.wa.gov.au
  • Visit your Local Government Website or refer to your local Fire Break & Hazard Reduction Notice