What a blast – Black Friday Roller Disco – Friday 13th May!

Loads of fun was had by all who attended Donnybrook Recreation Centre’s Black Friday Roller Disco on Friday 13th May, 2016.

The main event of this year’s Donnybrook Recreation Centre Open Day was the 21st Anniversary celebrations of the popular roller disco! The theme of the night was Black Friday and there were plenty of pint sized scary creatures on skates!

Centre Manager Jill McLean, was there on the night 21 years ago when the Centre hosted its first roller disco.

“There are mums & dads here tonight with their youngsters, who were here as primary school aged roller disco participants way back in the beginning”, said Jill delightedly.

“Many people have helped make this event such a long term favourite, but one person in particular is DJ Dave Lovette. Dave has been a wonderful supporter of the Centre. We were both here when the roller discos commenced, and for 21 years he continues to arrive with a smile, ready to make the night special for our local kids,” explained Jill McLean.

One thing that has changed is the roller skates themselves. The Centre bought a new set of roller skates and roller blades a year or so ago. They got a good workout.

The roller discos run monthly on Friday nights at Donnybrook Recreation Centre. Great fun for primary school aged kids and the whole family.

If you’d like more information phone Donnybrook Recreation Centre on 9731 1822.