Biosecurity Alert: Tomato Potato Psyllid

The Department of Agriculture and Food, WA (DAFWA) is working with the WA horticulture industry to respond to the detection of tomato potato psyllid, an exotic plant pest.

Tomato potato psyllid attacks a range of plants including potato, tomato, eggplant, capsicum, chilli, and tamarillo, along with sweet potato.

The psyllid has been confirmed in the Perth metropolitan area in commercial and residential properties, and retail outlets. A small number of detections have been made outside of the metropolitan area including Gingin, Yarloop and Busselton.

Symptoms of psyllid infestation to look for

If you grow a crop that is a host for TPP, look for insect life stages on the underside of leaves.

Signs of tomato potato psyllid include:

  • Insects jumping from the foliage when disturbed.
  • Severe wilting of plants caused by high numbers of psyllids feeding.
  • Yellowing of leaf margins and upward curling of the leaves.
  • White sugar-like granules (excreted by adults and nymphs), which coats the plant leaves and stems, and can lead to the development of sooty mould.
  • Ants may be symptomatic of the presence of the white sugar-like granules.
  • Stem death symptoms are similar to other potato and tomato disorders.
  • (Info: Department of Agriculture and Food WA, link:

The tomato potato pysllid kits are available from the Environmental Officer at the Shire Office, corner of Bentley and Collins Street, Donnybrook.

The traps should be set for 5-7 days before returning to the Shire office.

For more information contact DAFWA Bunbury on 9780 6100 or