Are you on the local government electoral roll?

Local Government elections will take place on 21 October 2017. While voting is voluntary, it can be disappointing if you want to exercise your right to vote and find you’re not on the roll.

If you own a property in the Shire but your primary residence is somewhere else, you may find you are not on the Donnybrook-Balingup local government roll. This is because local government rolls are taken from State or Federal rolls, but you can only be listed on State or Federal rolls once. Therefore you may need to contact us to make sure you are on the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup Owners and Occupiers Roll.

  • You can check your enrolment details with the WA Electoral Commission
  • If you are not registered at all, you can click here to enrol on the State Electoral Roll
  • If you are registered on the State Electoral Roll but not on the Donnybrook-Balingup local government roll, please contact us to enrol on the Owners and Occupier’s Roll

If you wish to nominate for Council, you need to be on the Donnybrook-Balingup Shire Local Government Roll or on the Donnybrook-Balingup Owners and Occupiers Roll.

Electoral rolls close at 5pm on Friday, 1 September, 2017. People wishing to nominate as a councillor need to do so between 7 September and 14 September 2017.

More information about enrolments and eligibility to vote